Book Recommendation: Sandra Byrd’s Bon Appetit

Just finished the book Bon Appetit by Sandra Byrd and have to say it is wonderful. I loved what Ms. Byrd did with the story, and also how she incorporated Christianity and God without being annoying. I’m a Christian, and love reading about other Christians, but sometimes when I read a book that is “Christian fiction” it is so unrealistic and sappy. I find that the Christians in the story are very unreal, sometimes to the point of not even having any flaws. As a Christian, I can tell you, we all have flaws. We deal with envy and insecurity and doubt. It’s how we handle these issues by turning to God that makes the Christian life worthwhile.

The story is a follow up to Byrd’s first in this series, Let Them Eat Cake (French Twist, Book 1). As you can tell by the titles, they feature a girl who is learning to bake French pastries and cakes. Bon Appetit (French Twist, Book 2) finds her in Paris and working for a French bakery. There are also a few recipes in the book, one of which (the chouquette recipe) I tried and have my husband addicted to! It’s wonderful (and very easy.) If you enjoy baking or Paris, you will certainly love this book. I also appreciated Lexi (the main character) and how she dealt with the ins and outs of fitting in with a new culture and family bakery. I like how she turned to God to get her bearings, and trusted Him when she was in doubt.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know there was a first book in this series and just starting reading Bon Appetit first. (I now plan on going back and reading Let Them Eat Cake.) If you like both of these titles (and I know you will), Ms. Byrd has a third book coming out in the series in just a few months.

Here are links to the first two books in the series. I also encourage you to check out Sandra Byrd’s very fun website , blog, and our interview with her.

Book purchased by reviewer.

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