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One thing I love about this blog is we have so many different types of writers here. We’ve interviewed novelists, online writers, marketing experts, and bloggers. When it comes to blogging, there is none better than Yaro Starak. I’ve learned so much from the information he shares on Entrepreneurs Journey and from his newsletters. For bloggers starting out, I highly recommend Yaro and Gideon Shalwick’s Become a Blogger series of videos and Blog Mastermind Program.

For those unfamiliar with Yaro’s story, he’s an entrepreneur and top blogger from Australia. He’s created and sold many different Internet businesses in the last ten years, and now makes several thousand dollars a month just from blogging. Best of all, he shares his knowledge. He currently teaches bloggers how to make a full time income with this Blog Mastermind coaching program.

Enjoy this interview.

yaro story

You write one of the most successful blogs around. When did you feel that things really “took off” for your blog in terms of income?

The day I felt confident that I’d make enough money to live off (about $3000 a month) into the near future after having already made that much for the last few months was probably it. I was looking for consistency over a period time rather than hitting a milestone amount. That happened during the second year of blogging.

Did you have any writing aspirations before you started blogging?

No, none at all. I did write long emails whenever I went traveling to share my experiences with my friends and family and some people told me I was a good writer, but I didn’t really take much notice. It wasn’t until I started actually enjoying the process of writing and receiving feedback from an audience via my blog that I realized writing might be my thing.

Will we ever see a novel from Yaro Starak?

Yes, there is a very good chance you will sometime in the near future. It’s a matter of sitting down and doing it once I’m in the place I want to be. I have a couple more business related projects that I feel I want to get done, so I expect in a year or two. It will likely be fiction based on my own life experiences, so something new for me, yet not new given my blog is about me.

How important is writing skill when it comes to building a successful blog?

That’s a tough one since what is “good writing” is subjective. I’ve seen plenty of what you might call “bad” writers have great blogs so I lean towards the argument that as long as you have interesting things to say, even if you aren’t the most poetic in terms of how you say it, you can do well as a blogger.

In your opinion, what is the biggest mistakes new bloggers make?

Not having a strategy and a target audience in mind when writing your blog is a common newbie mistake. While it’s possible to stumble around a bit as you try and find your blogging voice, if you don’t eventually come to a topic people like to read about, you won’t have any readers.

What’s the most interesting book you’ve ever read?

Conversations with God is blowing my mind right now. Eckhart Tolle has some powerful ideas too. I find the subject of our spiritual reality (if that even makes sense) highly compelling.

Favorite authors?

Paulo Coelho is number one by far.

Where can we learn more about you?

My blog is the best place, in particular my about page where you will find my business timeline story –

Anything else you’d like to add?

Never stop writing if that’s what you are meant to do.

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4 Comments on "Interview: Yaro Starak"

  1. Although it’s a ways off, I’m interested in this novel Yaro is thinking about writing. Why head into fiction?


  2. Yaro never says anything that isn’t useful. And if you read his blog you’ll see that his writing style is ideal for blogging: friendly and fluent without being flippant.

    Although I agree with him that writing talent isn’t paramount for bloggers (useful content being far more vital), as a writer I’m very frustrated by the prevalence of really poor writing among bloggers. I’d love to see bloggers adopt a code of practice with some minimum standards including:

    1 Don’t be boring.
    2 Don’t waffle.
    3 Keep it simple, stupid.
    4 Learn basic grammar.
    5 Proofread.
    6 Yes, proofread. It doesn’t take long!!


  3. Tim,

    I’m interested in it as well! Yaro’s blog is one of my favorites to read, I’m sure the fictional book will be as well.


  4. Steven,

    Very well said.


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