Philippa Gregory Tweets the White Queen

How much do we love Philippa Gregory? Seriously, I’ve absorbed every one of her Tudor/Elizabethan books for the last several years.

Now she’s got a new book coming out (The White Queen) that she will serialize on Twitter. I think this new form of marketing is really fascinating. I cannot IMAGINE tweeting an entire novel, but it should be interesting to see how it works for her. She said, “Turning a 150,000 word novel into tweets was never going to be easy. Tweets are a discipline, rather like a haiku, and the shortness of the sentence gives each one a rhythm which is really interesting for prose.”

I agree. It will take a very creative brain to turn her novel into 140 character snippets. I also think that regardless if the tweets are successful, this new form of marketing has helped get her enough press that it will get the attention of readers. Good for her! Authors can definitely learn from this lesson.

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