Tongue-Tied Writers

We’ve all seen them. There are some writers who are just appallingly poor speakers. (I raise my hand, how about you?) Perhaps it’s the expectation that because we write we have a lot of interesting things to say. Of course, that’s not necessarily true! We might know a lot and we may even write like nobody’s business, but when it comes to speaking some of us stumble.

Of course, that’s not always a bad thing. Whenever I go to a book signing for an author I like, I’m usually pleased with their “performance” regardless of what they do. Fans want to get a sense of a writer’s personality, and if they stumble and fumble it just makes them all the more charming.

Still, it’s nice to know truly famous writers have struggled a bit with speaking. Thanks to Debbie Ridpath Ohi (@inkyelbows) who posted this link on Twitter. It’s a fabulous piece about “When Writers Speak” and it starts off with a great example of none other than Vladimir Nabokov. Check it out.

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