Interview: Terry Drake

Terry M. Drake is a Licensed Social Worker, National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Trainer of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Nero-linguistic Programming (NLP). He has spent the last 15 years learning about himself and others, through his academic studies resulting in his MSW, his professional studies, as a family therapist, program director and his vast training, as well as research into hypnosis, NLP, the law of attraction and positive psychology. Terry also has a wealth of personal experiences related to depression and addiction, which he shares in his writings and work with others. He is currently a Director of mental and behavioral health programs for a non-profit agency, a Life Coach and Hypnotherapist in private practice, as well as author, speaker and consultant.

Enjoy this interview.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been writing?

I am from Wellsboro, Pa and have lived in the Tioga/Potter County areas of Pennsylvania most of my life. These areas are very rural, however, very beautiful. I have been writing for just over a year, as I hadn’t really realized that I wanted to or could do it. I love it and want to make a career out of writing, speaking and consulting!

Tell us about your latest book. What do you hope readers take away from it?

Live Happily, Ever After… Now! Is a self-help book and uses age old, time tested secrets (found in NLP, Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology, and Hypnosis) to teach you how to create the life you want! The key is learning how much control you have over your life, your beliefs and attitudes about yourself, others and the world you live in. Once you understand that you are in control (and you will), then you can use the 9 simple steps to begin living the life you want. This is accomplished by teaching you how your mind works and processes information. You will then learn how you already use these same methods, with varying results, to get what you don’t want or in falling short of true success and happiness. Then I will teach you how to reverse this process and develop healthy and positive ways to think, act and feel about yourself and others. Live Happily, Ever After… Now! is also filled with professional, personal and historical examples that demonstrate how it’s done.

I want the reader to understand that they have control over their lives and that they can do what they want to do, be what they want to be and feel how they want to feel. I want them to be successful and happy in everything they do!

Share some of your writing goals. What’s next for you?

I am promoting Live Happily, Ever After… Now! and working on another book. My plan is to be able to write, present and consult on a full-time basis in the near future.

What’s the most interesting book you’ve ever read?

Wow, I have read quite a few! First thing that comes to mind is Jack Canfield’s Success Principles. It is a very lengthy book, full of ideas on how to be successful!

Favorite authors?

Jack Canfield, Hale Dwoskin, Dr. Robert Holden, Richard Bandler.

Book you’re currently reading?

What Everybody is Saying by Joe Navarro. A great book discussing what people are telling you with there body language.

Any type of writing ritual you have?

I think this is a ritual. I love to walk, as a form of exercise and relaxation and on my walks I develop my chapter ideas or review them (in my head). I even get ideas for my articles and blog this way.

Do you believe in writer’s block? If so, how did you get past it? If not, why not?

I don’t really believe in it, because whenever I am stuck I start googleing ideas and I get un-stuck.

In your opinion, what’s the measure of a successful writer?

I would say being published is a definite indicator of success, but even more would be to make a living off your writing and ideas.

Advice for other writers?

A quote that I use in my book and is from the great American Inventor Thomas Edison, who by the way was a phenomenal person and understood that you can accomplish whatever you want, as long as you take steps to make it happen and enjoy the whole experience.

“Many of life’s failures are by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

So my advice is to go for it! Or pick up a copy of my book could and discover the secrets to success and motivation.

Where can we learn more about you?

Visit, amazon, or google Terry M. Drake to learn more about me and my book.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I would like to thank you for your time and to encourage everyone to check out my website, blog and even the book. It will help you change your life!

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