How Do You Recharge Your Writing Batteries?

This holiday weekend reminded me that as a writer I need to recharge my batteries every so often. I think writers, especially freelance writers, are notorious for working like dogs all the time.

After all, we’re hard working, we love what we do, and we’re always near a computer. But turning off the computer is important, and I did just that this weekend.

If you’re someone who has a hard time recharging, here are some ways I’ve found to clear my mind and take a break. If you think taking a break from writing will set you behind, I am here to tell you that a little break can actually make you more productive. Here are some ways I recharge:

Step Away from the Computer!
You can’t get a break without turning off the computer. If you’re checking email (or Facebook, or Twitter) every five minutes, you need to get up from your desk and take a walk. You’d be surprised at what ten minutes away will do.

Play a Game

To me, playing a mindless game (like Cake Mania or Diner Dash) lets my mind drift and allows me to release the pressure I might feel from trying too hard to produce an article or story.

Do Something Else Creative
Getting involved in a non-writing activity, especially if it’s a creative one, can really help your writing in the long run. You’re still indulging your creativity, but your mind is free to create stories and solve problems. So if you can: crochet, sculpt, paint, scrapbook…. do it!

Play With My Dog
Okay, you can’t play with my dog, but if you have an animal around, they are great for giving you a break from the computer and letting you relax. Deadlines and pressure seem very far away when you’re tossing the ball with your doggie.

These are ways I relax, but I know you all have some great ideas as well. Care to share them in the comments below?

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