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Wonderful new book from author Didi Lemay. Didi talks about her passion, books, and her Goldendoodle. She had me at hello there.

Enjoy this interview.

Your book, A Winter Solstice Celebration is a timely one in topic. What inspired you to write this children’s story?

I became very interested in the environment, when years ago, I noticed the small river I had to cross. Everyday, it had different coloured foam. When I asked about what it was, people very callously dismissed it and told me not to worry about it. I think the callousness of people worried me as much as what was happening to the river. I started thinking about the animals and how we did things to their environment. That’s how I started to think about their story. It became very important to me to tell the story of the environment through their eyes, so that we humans can learn what the consequences of our actions are doing to nature.

What kind of marketing have you done to promote your book?

I am working with my author assistant who is an expert in marketing and promoting of books. The decision to work with her was a very smart career move. She has helped with the web-site, social media, media kit, media promotions as well as developing a Virtual Book Tour for me.

I also do readings at schools and at the YMCA and Sylvan Learning. I promote my book on any occasion possible and speak with kids and their parents all the time. On Halloween I go out to different venues to hand out flyers and candy and in November and December I go to a few venues to promote and sell by books. My book is also available at Amazonand Barnes & Noble.

Share some of your writing goals. What’s next for you?

There are a so many things I want to do in my writing career. I’m writing the second part of “A Winter Solstice Celebration”, which is “The Summer Solstice Celebration” which will specifically address the pollution of the ocean. There are so many issues of environment, I feel are important for children to learn about.
I’m also working on a series for younger children. My character “The Big Blue Bed Monster” helps the children learn about life and handle challenging things. The first one is not being afraid of the dark. The next one in the series he is going to the dentist. The Big Blue Bed Monster wants to help the children confront the difficult things in life and teach them to be brave.

And of course, work on a promotional campaign for my second book “Freddy’s French Fries Fiasco” and through that also helping children learn about nutrition, exercise and the importance of friendship. In this book I wanted to address the childhood obesity issue in a fun an entertaining way, yet get the message of health across.

What’s the most interesting book you’ve ever read?

The book that impressed me most in my life was a book I read when I was a little girl. It was Beautiful Joe written by Margaret Saunders. The story of a dog that was abused but rescued. The story was instrumental in getting the issue of animal cruelty out into the open.

Book you’re currently reading?

I just started reading Mudslide. It is an adventure book written by a fellow writer Ronnie Dauber whom I admire. It is a fun story about Sarah who, with her grade 12 Geography class set out on a three-day hiking trip into the forest that soon becomes her worst nightmare when unexpected storms provoke a deadly mudslide. She sets her own fears aside to help everyone out of the forest safe and sound.

It is very exciting as it transports me right there next to her; living the adventure. I have a hard time setting it aside to do other things during the day!

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I enjoy living life to its’ fullest and see life as a great big adventure. I like spending time with my husband. We got for dinner sometimes or we take a road-trip or just sit in the park to appreciate nature. I also go for long walks with my puppy, a young Goldendoodle with lots of energy. Everyday, we take time to go to the dog-park and she plays with her puppy-friends and I get a chance to relax and meet my friends. I also enjoy learning about nature and how we can be closer to it.

Where can we learn more about you?

I have a website. I have media coverage on it, my book excerpts, a few poems that I wrote about the environment. You can also become a friend on Facebook and follow me there as well as become a follower of my blog.

Anything else you’d like to add?

A Winter Solstice Celebration is an excellent book for Adults who want to teach their children the importance of caring for animals and the environment they live in.

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