How to Give Back to the Writing Community

Wouldn’t it be great if writers all help build each other up? There is no such thing as competition! We need each other. Here are some ways you can help support the writing community.

Write Reviews of Your Favorite Books

It has become more and more difficult for authors to get reviews for their books. As newspapers close and reduce their literary sections, authors are always looking for places to get the word out about their books. If you have a favorite author or book you really love, why not give it a review on Amazon, Barnes and, or even your own blog.

Retweet Advice and Posts from Authors on Twitter

If you like something a writer says on Twitter, spread the word! An RT can create goodwill between you and another writer, and also offer your own Twitter followers some valuable advice.

Highlight Other Writers on Your Blog, Twitter, or Facebook Page

Put the spotlight on some great writers that you read and appreciate. Interview them, give them a blurb, or just talk about how their work has inspired you. Share the love and they might do the same for you down the line.

Give New Writers Advice (If They Ask for It)

Sometimes writers are doing their own thing and they don’t really need advice. That’s okay. Sometimes they are looking for opinions or direction, so if you see someone reaching out, take the time to answer their questions. There are some writers that don’t give out information because they are afraid of giving away secrets (or something equally as ridiculous) but if you take the time to share your knowledge, you could just make the difference in another writer’s world.


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Respect Other Writer’s Choices

Don’t I say this all the time? Don’t we all need to be more respectful of how each writer wants to create his or her career? Showing respect for a writer’s choice (even if you don’t agree with it) will help you support the business and craft of writing.

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1 Comment on "How to Give Back to the Writing Community"

  1. Good ideas. Instead of simply thanking someone for a RT, I always appreciate it more when a person RTs me back or talks about something I said or blogged about. It’s better than only getting a thank you.


    Cherie Reply:

    Great point! Yes, I like that so much better, too.


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