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Rohn Federbush has had short stories published in The Red Wheelbarrow, Potpourri, U.S. 1 Workshops, Princeton, and the University of Michigan’s Bear River Writers Respond to War. She tied for third place in a New Orleans RWA contest for her inspirational novel, North Parish, and has been a semifinalist in the James Fellowship. She also received honorable mention in the Iowa Literary Awards.

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Nice to have you on the blog today. Tell us a bit about your writing background.

I’ve been writing full time since 1999. I try to accomplish ten pages a day. So far I have a total of fifteen novels completed. My latest book Salome’s Conversion has been submitted to Mary Sue Seymour, at her request. The ACFW Indianapolis convention helped me make this contact. Salome was inspired by my dislike of Oscar Wilde’s play about this 12 year old girl, According to Josephus. A careful reading of the story shows that her mother instigated the request for John the Baptist’s head. In Mark and John a Salome, not necessarily the fictitious character of my book, shows up at the crucifixion and the resurrection. So the conversion story, linked to a love interest with a Roman guard who rescues her, was a natural outcome.

My resume includes one or two conferences a year, where I’ve been privileged to attend workshops with Elizabeth George, Michael Hauge, and Jeff Gerke. The ACFW conference was the most positive conference I have ever participated in. The speakers all mentioned the need to inspire along with good story telling techniques.

Any type of writing routine you have?

My writing ritual consists of setting a timer for 15 minutes to play Solitaire and then once I’m in the chair, following my outline of the novel I’m working on. The outline lists one sentence descriptions of scenes.

Do you believe in writer’s block?

I believe with Julia Cameron that writers’ block could be the closest thing to sinning. If we believe our gift in life is to write, why would we allow ourselves to stop the flow of ideas that might be of some relief to readers.

In your opinion, what’s the measure of a successful writer?

Humility has been my most constant companion as an author. I may have written my own life, which may not include publication of a novel; but I never regret calling myself a writer, daily undertaking the task, staying open to new lessons in technique, and thanking my maker for the joy I find.

Anything else you’d like to add?

May all your prayers for your writing success come true.

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  1. Rohn has self-published a historical romance with the help of her GirlFriday, Florence Price. North Parish won third place in a New Orleans RWA contest years ago. Please check out Amazon for a Kindle or paperback copy.

    Rohn plans to self-publish all her finished novels this year with the exception of In Lincoln’s Shadow which is presently sitting with Beth Adams of Howard Books. Two unsubmitted books, Separation Anxiety, still in critique group mode and Forevermore, which is still in Chapter One will not be offered for self-publication.


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