Interview: Aliya Leigh

Aliya Leigh is the producer, writer, editor and host of a podcast called, Aliya Leigh Live as well as the producer, writer, editor and voice over actress for Wonderland. She is an all-around talented gal and I know you’re going to enjoy her interview.

You’ve got a varied background and write everything from film scripts to thriller novels. How did you first become interested in writing?

When I was in grade school, I always had an over active imagination about life, I enjoyed making up new worlds to explore. I always escape in my worlds, even if they were dark and horrifying or wonderful like a magical paradise.

Writing is the only art form I could use to express myself without judgment from others. Now, I am older and wiser; I still use writing to escape for the craziness of my reality. It’s like a legal high for me. It allows me to escape the real world and slip into a fantasy world I created for myself. I feel so at peace, like nothing can hurt me and everything thing is great. But, I have to face reality.

People need to understand; you can still make up worlds and live in them part-time. Sometimes we need to escape into the worlds which we imagine in order to have a release of stress and problems of our lives. By escaping into our fantasies, we renew our child like imagination and become more creative in life, love and peace.

My two favorite authors are Edgar Allan Poe, VC Andrews, Nikki Giovanni and Shel Silverstein.

How often do you find yourself writing poetry? Are there moments or moods that draw you to poetry more than others?

I do not have the talent to write poetry on the fly.

I do write poems when I am in love, in my dark place or when I am thinking about something really deep in my mind. To me, poems are an abstract form to express myself in what I am feeling deep.

How would you respond to people who claim they don’t like poetry?

Poetry is like the Mona Lisa. Not everyone is in love with the Mona Lisa, in fact some people don’t care about the Mona Lisa, but it is still an expensive work of art.

Poetry is not for everyone. Poetry is a rare and delicate art form of writing. It takes a specialist to be a great poet. Poets are so important to our civilization because they express the realness of our sociality to a sweet song. Their quotes are truth tell with sugar and fire on the tongue.

I give poets so much respect because they can say what fiction writers can not say. They are free to express themselves to a whole different level then any person and they don’t believe in conformity.

They are like the Leonardo Da Vinci’s, Monet’s, Van Gogh’s and Salvador Dalí’s of writing.

Tell us about Aliya Leigh Live.

Aliya Leigh Live is a podcast about how I view life through my eyes.

On the podcast, I talked about my romances, my friends, the gossip at the clubs, who is on the cute or not cute list, beauty, life and love. It’s a great show and I use humor to talk about my issues and problems.

For example, by the way, I was sober when I did this. I was invited to a party and the host is a well-known celebrity in Phoenix, Arizona. The guests were all women. There was a big blow up that happen between two women and it was turning bad, so me the peacemaker, I jumped in the pool with clothes on. When I got of the pool people laughed and I was happy. I felt alive. The two women are still friends and they thank me all the time.

I talk about how I deal with problems. One day, a police officer pulled me over and was so nasty to me. I told him, that he needed to take a course in customer service and was nice about. He didn’t like my advice and threw the ticket at me. With the information on the ticket, I was able to contact his boss and file a report with Internal Affairs. That police officer is no longer a police officer.

I talk about women liberation, safe sex, dating and life in the most funniest and colorful way. Each episode is a must listen because you never know what I will be talking about, sometimes I don’t even know what I am talking about.

The main thing is, how I view the world through my own eyes and to be thankful that the freedom of speech won’t throw me into prison.

The podcast can be found on iTunes and

Please share some of your writing goals. What’s next for you?

I am actively looking for an agent to represent me. It’s hard to find the right agent for me because I am involved in so many things.

I almost got signed by Fairlie Agency, but I had to be actively living in Canada.

I have been talking to Red Talent agency, but they have not made a decision yet. I will love to be signed with Red Talent agency because they are honest and believe in love, peace and harmony.

I am the most talented and ideal client for any agency because I work hard, I’m not a diva, I get the job done, I take ownership of my work and life and believe in charity work.

If I had to move to another city or country, I will do it. Life is an adventure and I treat it as such.

Currently, I’m in meetings with an actress who maybe a lead in a show, I am working on. Her name is Chloe Domange. She is the new IT girl in Hollywood. We have been having meetings; nothing is written in stone yet.

I do voice over work for independent shows on the web, for example “Wonderland”. Today I was approached by The G.O.O.D.S Magazine to write a lifestyle column; which I am so happy about.

Later in the year, I am planning to start an online teen zine called “Teen Zine”, featuring teenager writers. Teenager writers will get paid $5.00 for an article they write and submit to me.

I am planning to do a photo shoot for my 2012 calendar with my favorite photographer Don Thompson of Thompson Images.

I am looking for more opportunities for me and willing to pursue anything. I am always looking for work.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Learning, shopping, seeing, doing and hanging out with friends. My pleasures in life are Math, Science, History and Religion. I love learning more about the world, one reason why I talk to anyone on the street. I love learning about new ideas and having discussion about current affairs.

I play a lot of video and computer games. I love the Myst, Silent Hills and Rock Band series.

I enjoy hanging out with my friends at sports events, clubs, parties, social events, fundraisers and day trips.

I am getting into skateboarding. I own a skateboarding line called Puzzleme. It can be found,

I also love to travel and my favorite place to visit is my home town, New York City.

Where can we learn more about you?

My bio is on IMDB. But you can also learn about me on my podcast, twitter and facebook, or just email me at: My website is, where you can purchase my books, read my blogs and play games.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Be yourself and fulfill your dreams. Always be positive and keep good friend who will build you up. Always obey the golden rule, Treat people how you want to be treated. You do matter in life and you are important in mankind because YOU ARE important to me.

I am constantly looking to work so hire me, you won’t be sorry.

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