Are You a Wimpy Blogger?

Last week I talked about being a blogging bully, and the opposite of that is being wimpy. Blogging, like everything else in life, requires balance.

There are plenty of blogs on the market today, so finding your voice is that much more important. You don’t have to be controversial or crazy, but you do have to be yourself. For example, I’m pretty middle of the road most of the time, but I think you still recognize when I do a post myself as opposed to the guest submissions. I have developed a voice and writing style you recognize. I try to give my personal experience and opinions. While I’m not out to offend anyone, I also don’t worry too much about stating things the way I see them.

A wimpy blogger I am definitely not. What is a wimpy blogger? Here are some clues.

Afraid to Take a Stand

How do you feel on a certain subject? Do you shy away from giving your opinion? It’s okay if your opinion is that “X is right for some authors, although I prefer Y.” You’re still respectful of other writers. But if your opinion swings back and forth rather than lands on something concrete, you might have an issue with your writing voice.

Afraid to Get Too Much Attention to Your Blog

Today there are many bloggers who want attention for their blogs, but they are afraid of getting too much attention. They might shy away from making their blog really stand out just because it will get readers. With more readers, comes more criticism. No one likes to be called out on things, but if you’re purposely keeping your blog “under the radar” you might want to ask yourself why.

Afraid of Choosing a Subject or Stance That Isn’t Popular

Again, it’s okay to want to get along with people, but every once in a while you’re going to have to tell someone how you feel. How do you feel about online writers? How do you feel about self-publishing? Do you have a bias that you’re trying to hide because you think it could alienate people?

We should all be able to give our opinions in a way that doesn’t get in the face of someone else on our own blog. We’re writers, after all, and if we can’t manage that then we have a problem. So don’t be afraid to give your opinion (if you have one) because you’ll risk offending someone. Instead, give your opinion in a way that is still respectful. But if you hold yourself back and try to become something you’re not, your readers will know it.

Being a Blasé Blogger

One reason blogging has become so popular is because it allows us our own unique voice to come through. If you’re not passionate or don’t care for what you’re writing about, ask yourself why you are blogging. Are you writing a blog because you feel you have to? Because someone (a publicist, forum, other writer) told you that you should? Don’t blog because you should. Blog because you want to.

Being a wimpy blogger is not quite as bad as being a bully, but like anything in life it’s worth putting an effort into. If you’re not feeling it, then just don’t do it.

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2 Comments on "Are You a Wimpy Blogger?"

  1. Thanks for this article, Cherie!

    One of my biggest struggles as a writer is to let myself come through — to share my personal experiences. I’m not afraid to, or worried about the consequences….I just find it boring to write about myself! That’s why my blogs are all tips-based, and my magazine articles are all jam-packed with information.

    But, I know that writers who share their personal lives, even just a glimpse, are more interesting to read… maybe I just push my own boundaries a bit…

    You gave me something new to chew on, and it tastes great 🙂



    Cherie Reply:

    Hi Laurie,

    The funny part is, I always thought you did share tidbits about yourself. I enjoy reading your blogs because they give good info but also have a bit of personal information in them.

    One of the things I struggle with is just letting a more personal writing style come through. We’ve had things like AP style drilled into our heads, and then when we need to write something that is more conversational and casual, it can seem “wrong.” (But depending on the piece, it might be exactly what will work best.)


  2. Oh dear. I think I am a wimpy blogger. 3 out of 4 of those apply to me (the first 3). Although for this week’s post I was very brave (I thought) and put up a fairly controversial topic. But reading it later (and my replies to comments) I think I actually sat on the fence, rather than taking a real stand and making my point. This was a timely post to point that out to me, and I’ll try to be less of a wimpy blogger in future!
    Judy (South Africa)


    Cherie Reply:

    I think the key is just being yourself. Sometimes it isn’t even about putting up controversial topics, but it’s more that we’re afraid to say what we really think on anything because someone is going to object. But you know what? Someone will always object, it’s the nature of blogging. If you’re respectful you can’t worry about offending. Go forth and blog confidently! LOL


    Judy Croome (@judy_croome) Reply:

    My motto for 2012 is to go forth and write/blog confidently! 2012 will be my year of blogging/writing dangerously (by letting the Real Me shine through!!) 🙂 Retweeting this as it’s such a good post!


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