Interview: Penny Chic Blogger Shauna Miller

We all want to have successful blogs, and here’s someone who has done it. Shauna Miller‘s Penny Chic blog is fun, informative, and for a fashion-impaired person like me: fascinating! I love Shauna’s take on things. For example, here’s what she says about her blog:

Looking stylish and effortless is not hard when you’re wearing a $5,000 outfit. What’s more intriguing to me is the challenge of looking chic at a time when this season’s must-have Little Black Dress is no longer an option (or never was).

And that’s when I came up with the idea to put America’s cheapest discount department store on a fashion pedestal and ditch the skinny models for me and my friends.

Enjoy this interview.

I love your blog Penny Chic, and think the idea is brilliant. When did the idea to start blogging about Walmart fashion begin?

I was trying to get a job in fashion at a time when the economy had just tanked and there weren’t any jobs (Summer 2008). I wanted to find a way to use the recession and do something in fashion that hadn’t been done before. I started doing some research and the statistics were that Walmart is the most widely used discount retailer in the country, but why wasn’t anyone talking about it? I figured if I could make clothing from Walmart chic, a store that most people are ashamed to associate with publicly, then I could really prove myself as a stylist. This idea also sprung from making fashion accessible to everyone. Walmart has more locations than any other store in the country so the blog has the power to really become a resource for people.

What are some of the things that make up a great outfit?

Every single person has a different chemistry, style, aura, and energy. One of the cool things about my blog is I have about 20 different women modeling for the blog who all have different unique looks. A great outfit on me is one that’s both funky and feminine. I love mixing and matching prints, but on some people that doesn’t fit their personalities necessarily. Some of my models look best with a collared shirt, skinny jeans and handkerchief. It just depends on the feng shui of the individual.

What’s the number one thing every girl should have in her closet?

How can I name just one thing!? A dependable pair of jeans that you can always count on….even the day after Thanksgiving, a sexy go to black dress (notice I don’t say “little”) that makes you feel beautiful, and a nice pair of tall black boots.

Your blog has a distinct voice and style, which is so key to making a blog successful. Did you struggle with developing this in the beginning or did it come naturally?

The voice of Penny Chic is me, Shauna Miller, pure and simple. I don’t edit or redraft. If this was in print maybe I would, but I try to stay true to the heart and soul of “the blog”, which at best is authentic, unscripted and personal. I graduated from NYU with a major in Storytelling and I can tell you that the best stories are the ones that stream from your consciousness freely.

Favorite authors?

I love Ruth Reichl’s food memoirs, Keats’ poetry and D.H. Lawrence’s romantic novels

Where can we learn more about you?

You can learn more about me from the about page on my blog or simply emailing me anything you want to do. I love talking to my readers!

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