Interview: Jasmin Fine from 1 Fine Cookie

I really enjoy highlighting blogs that are unique and fun, and recently came across 1 Fine Cookie and knew I wanted to share it with you. The blog will not only make your mouth water with unique recipes, they are fun and silly and you’ll find yourself reading post after post. I like Jasmin Fine’s writing style and the way she has set up her site.

I know you’re going to love this interview and please be sure to visit her blog.

Your blog, 1 Fine Cookie, is wonderful. Did you start the blog after you started your baking business, or before?

Thank you so much Cherie! I began blogging after I started my baking business. I love baking for events because every order is a new challenge. I ask myself, how can I make this personal and thoughtful, yet still taste amazing? My next event is a bowling themed birthday party, and my mind is already running wild with ideas. I began the blogging as a way to not only to get my business name out there, but to share recipes that I have stashed away for years. I have been making cupcake-stuffed strawberries and cracker jack ice cream for years, and was very happy to see how happy people were to discover my recipe. I love creating crazy edibles that nobody has thought of before.

A lot of businesses complain that blogging takes too much time. How does blogging help get the word out about your business and how do you balance it with work?

Balancing it with work is by far the most difficult obstacle for me. Blogging is extremely time consuming, especially the way that I blog. I want someone with little cooking experience to feel comfortable trying out my recipes, so I feel that step-by-step photos are incredibly important. Also, if a recipe does not work, I throw it out and start over. I strive for quality posts, and this takes even more time than someone who cooks a recipe from a recipe book or another blogger, and simply types out the recipe with one or two final photos.

It helps with my business because it exhibits how much I care about quality and effort. Everything I do in my blog exhibits how much I think about food and the best way to prepare it. It also acts as a sort of portfolio, when people visit the shop or read about an event I created baked goods for, they see are able to see a wide variety of my work.

The only way I balance the blogging and business is by working twice as much! I stay up an hour later here or there to finish something else. I wish I could post everyday, however, in order to provide high end service I must dedicate a lot of time to the baking aspect. I catch up on sleep Sunday mornings! Who knows, maybe I will finally start drinking coffee.

Can you share a link to a favorite blog post you’ve done? Why is it close to your heart?

Oh, that would be a tie between my chocolate fudge cake batter and beer pancakes with bacon, white chocolate, and irish whipped cream and my grilled cheese soup.

I like the pancakes because cooking with beer is awesome. I don’t often eat breakfast, so this would be a treat. It has a lovely balance of savory and sweet. The grilled cheese soup is also a favorite because I it was my first time creating it two ways: regular and vegan/gluten/lactose free. It was a challenge to make something creamy and rich with cheese and leave out major ingredients. The regular version was difficult not to eat up before taking photos of it for the blog. I bake a lot, so I find myself more drawn to salty foods. Both of these dishes are the perfect comfort food.

What are some things you’ve found frustrating about blogging?

Plagiarism is by far the most irritating aspect. Most of my recipes are totally unique. I know when someone has copied my blog, because I am the first person to come up with the concept. A lot of people seem to think it isn’t copying if it is online. I publish to share exciting ideas, but to also drive traffic to my site. If you want to use other people’s ideas, that is great, but don’t repost their entire recipe without their permission. Also, I find it odd when someone claims they have an adapted version of my recipe. Someone had recreated my cupcake-stuffed strawberries, and used banana cake with chocolate. The only difference was milk chocolate instead of white. That really is no adapted. It is still stuffed with cake, and still dipped in chocolate. I love making cake pops, so I made certain to credit the amazing Bakerella. She deserves the credit.

On to baking, how did your love of baked goods begin?

My mother was actually a pastry chef. I grew up watching her bake and cook all day in the kitchen. When you have parents who love to explore food and baking, it is easy to be drawn to it. She taught me to make sugar cookies when I was very young. Now, I love when someone sees their order and are incredibly excited. Who knew Bratz cupcakes could make someone so happy?

Here’s one question that everyone at Working Writers answers: What’s the most interesting book you’ve ever read?

The most interesting book I have ever read has nothing to do with cooking. It would be Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game, by Michael Lewis. I have grown up watching baseball, and this was a fascinating perspective of the game. It was looking at baseball very differently than how scouts, managers, and fans had treated baseball since the beginning. Not to mention, it drove many traditionalists very crazy. People have a difficult time with change so the criticism of the book was pure entertainment. It now reminds me of a few of my recipes that are totally unique to everything out there. People are sort of bewildered by the unknown, and don’t know how to react. Sometimes they react negatively, because a new perspective can be a difficult pill to swallow for some.

Where can we learn more about you?

Not many places. My facebook fan page is where I really like to communicate with fans and exhibit my sense of humor. Some people tell me that I am funny. I am not funny, I just think I am. I sill try with all of my might, though.

I have also joined Twitter. You know you are getting old when you need help maneuvering through Twitter. That is a great place to ask me questions and hear an occasional Chuck Norris fact.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Relax people, it’s just food. Also, if you buy me a beer I will be your friend.

Are you inspired to bake?


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