Lessons From the Brandilyn Collins Booksigning

I recently got a chance to meet Brandilyn Collins at a dinner at book signing, and have to say how very impressed I was with her.  I couldn’t help noticing a few things she did that would be helpful to other writers. By the way, that’s me (the floating head in the back) along with other wonderful Christian fiction authors, including Brandliyn.


At the book signing for Over the Edge: A Novel, Brandilyn greeted each and every person as they entered the signing. She shook their hand, and told them it was nice to meet them. How different that was than what I’ve usually seen (and done myself!) of sitting behind a desk and just waiting for everyone to get there. She let everyone know personally with a handshake and a smile that she was happy that they were there.

No Hiding Behind the Podium

Brandilyn was out front and center in front of the podium. I’ll admit, that when I did a book signing or talk I loved standing behind the podium because I felt more comfortable. But as an audience member, Brandilyn left an impression by standing in front of the podium to speak. She made it more of a conversation rather than a lecture.

Make Your Subject Interesting

Okay, I didn’t think I’d be interested in learning about Lyme disease, which Brandilyn has experienced and which plays heavily in her book, Over the Edge. But guess what? She MADE it interesting. I was fascinated at the way she talked about the things victims of Lyme disease go through, and how she wove it into her story.

Know Your Brand

Brandilyn described herself as “an entertainer” when she spoke, and she was good to her word, even during her book signing. She kept our attention. As a result, I bought the book and can’t wait to read it. I knew if she could hold our attention so well in her speech, she’d likely do it with her book. I haven’t read any of her other books yet, but you can be sure they are on my TBR list.  (That’s “to be read” for all you folks who don’t have a pile of works next to your bed. :))


You want readers (who get hit with marketing for all kinds of books and authors) to be able to remember you? Be yourself. Let your personality come through. Don’t be afraid to show your passion as well as your compassion. Brandilyn did both, and she stood out as a speaker and writer. I’m not likely to forget her. And here I am writing a post about her, so I’d say she was successful at being memorable. Even if you are able to do one or two of these things at a book signing, it will make you stand out to readers.

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