There You’ll Find Me – Review of Book by Jenny B. Jones

Did you ever (as a writer) read a book and then feel depressed that you’ll never be as good a writer? LOL! That’s the feeling I always get when I read Jenny B. Jones’ writing. She is so good, and I hope one day my books affect people the way her books do me.

Do need I say it? There You’ll Find Me is another fabulous book by Jenny Jones! Jones has the ability to make you giggle throughout a book, and yet still have a good cry in places as well. There You’ll Find Me is the “sequel” of sorts to Save the Date, except that this book is told from Will and Alex’s younger sister Finley’s perspective. I loved this twist to the story, and enjoyed reading about how Will’s death affected the teenage Finley since Save the Date explored it from Alex’s perspective. Alex and Lucy make a very brief appearance in There You’ll Find Me in the form of texts to Finley, but Finley holds her own in telling this story.

Finley deals with all kinds of teenage pressure, in addition to the grief she feels for the death of her brother Will. She is in Ireland on an exchange program, using her brother Will’s old notebook from when he was her age in the same land. She tries to see the country through his eyes, and uses his inspiration to finish a piece of music she is writing as an audition for the New York Conservatory.

I enjoyed this book immensely, and once again it made me marvel at Jones’ talent. She is a fabulous storyteller, and creates characters that stay with you long after you read about them.

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