How to Blog Everyday

More and more, I’ve heard from authors that blogging on a daily basis seems daunting to them. I have to say, as a professional blogger I write for multiple sites each day, so I don’t really understand this.

I think blogging intimidates people a bit, so I’ll share with you some of the tricks I use to blog daily and still keep things interesting.

Plan Ahead

If you log on, blog, log off, and try to repeat this process daily you’ll drive yourself crazy. Instead, plan your blog posts in advance. Use Google Calendar or Outlook to schedule things (I actually print out the months for an entire year and write by hand on the paper what each post will be) and do your posts in clumps. It’s easier to write this way because you know how when you start writing about one thing, it sparks some thoughts about something else? When you write one blog post, you’ll probably think of another one you could write. Instead of waiting until the next day, write in a block of time where you’ll do nothing but blog posts. You’ll save time and you might be surprised at how easy it is to come up with posts that way.

Keep a Document With Links and Ideas

Have you ever been surfing, found a great link you’d like to mention or talk about more, but then forget it later when you go to put a post on your blog? The way I get around this is by keeping a document open for misc. links I come across during the day. I copy and paste them, and then when I’m ready to blog I pop open the document and it helps spark the ideas I thought of earlier in the week.

Google Alerts

I have Google alerts set up for a number of different subjects and topics. When they come in my email, I create a separate folder for each blog, and then just go through them when I’m ready to write a bunch of blog posts. This helps me bang out several posts at a time.

Write in Word, Copy to Blog

Have you ever wrote a blog post only to have your computer or site crash in the middle of it? I’ve found that if I use Word (or other word processing software) to write all my posts, it helps me save frequently to avoid that “uh oh” moment that can happen if I type directly into WordPress. WordPress allows you to easily copy and paste from Word, so there’s no issue with formatting.

Typing my posts into a Word document also saves time because I can write several at once, and just save until I’m ready to post. Then, I’m linking, finding photos, etc., all at the same time, instead of little by little.

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