Interview: Joseph Rinaldo

To get to know author Joseph Rinaldo a bit better, I asked him to tell me about himself. He said:

I’ve written nine novels, one of which, A SPY AT HOME, is available on Amazon. By day I work as Credit and Financial Manager for a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning distributor; we sell to the guys that come to your house. When I first started writing, I thought being a numbers guy would make me an oddity as an author. That’s proved to be wrong. The more people I meet in this industry, the more I run across accountants and CFOs. Apparently, creativity infects a variety of people. Of course, I have the same dream as other writers. I hope my book sells a million copies and becomes a smash hit movie. Selling ebooks for two bucks isn’t the get-rich-quick scheme I thought it was before being published. It’s been a lot of work.

Enjoy this interview.

Tell us about your ebook, A Spy At Home. Is there a favorite paragraph you can share from it?

The following sets the stage for the strange and tumultuous drama that is Garrison’s life:

“Since you’re reading this, I’m dead. A great many years of my life I worked for the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, for the federal government of the United States of America. I didn’t say proudly worked, because I wasn’t proudly serving the entire time. Don’t yawn; you haven’t read this one before. The book won’t self-destruct; this isn’t the same reworded spy novel you’ve read a dozen times where the hero does the right thing in the final scene and everyone good lives happily ever after and the bad guys go to jail. To be honest with you, I don’t know how much spy stuff will be in this book. The important thing for you to know is that the author’s royalties from this book support Noah, my son. He was a surprise, but not the kind of surprise you’re thinking. You’ll meet him later, and I assure you everyone will like him. Everyone always does. We’re complete opposites. He’s innocent, and I’m not.”

You write about Down syndrome on your blog. What is your connection to Down syndrome, and what are some of the things people might be surprised to find out about it?

My daughter has Down syndrome, which provides the obvious main connection I have to it. Of course, some of her friends have it too, providing secondary connections. Please notice that I did not say “suffers” from Down syndrome (Ds). She’s not in pain; in fact, most of the time she’s neutral, like everyone else in the world. Many people have this strange stereotypical belief that everyone with Ds is happy all the time. That stereotype holds all the credibility that the slaves in every person with Down syndrome is happy. Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes sad, like real people and everything. Note to the public: They also know that when you use the word ‘retard’, you’re talking about them, so stop it.

Share some of your writing goals.  What’s next for you?

Another book, Hazardous Choices, has been professionally edited and will be released in the near future.  We’re waiting to release it until we’ve promoted A Spy At Home as fully as we can. I have seven more books waiting to be professionally edited and released. As we save the money for more editing, we’ll get the others done, too. At present I have three books floating around in my head but can’t find the time to write them. Hopefully, A Spy At Home will be made into a movie, and I’ll have Garrison’s boat where I can write all day long!

What’s the most interesting book you’ve ever read?

I’ll take the liberty of naming two. Sharp Objects: A Novel for fiction and The Children’s Blizzard for non-fiction are two excellent books. Honestly, I can’t remember who wrote them. Sharp Objects seemed so real! My skin crawled just reading that book! The title might conjure up a wide range of images, so here’s one hint about the book: it’s not a slasher/horror read. The sharpest points cut the emotions. The Children’s Blizzard describes a horrible snow storm on the US plains in the 1800s. The author details the events so well, you’ll feel like you’re watching the events more than reading about them. This snow storm terrorized everyone in its path. This story will stick with you long after you finish it.

Where can we learn more about you?

My website is; it contains a blurb about A Spy At Home and quotes from reviewers. There is information about me and my book on my Amazon page:, and my blog ( has an excerpt from A Spy At Home.

Anything else you’d like to add?

When not writing or working, I like boating, jogging, volunteering for Special Olympics, and of course, reading. Whatever hobbies a person has can and should influence their writing. An important character needs to have some depth, and hobbies help provide that.

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