5 Things to Do Each Day to Quickly Promote on Twitter

Most of the complaints I hear from authors about Twitter is that it’s time consuming or difficult to use. Neither is true, but when you’re already pressed for time, adding one more method of promotion can be the straw that broke the camel’s back. But not this time! Here are five quick and easy things to make Twitter an effective marketing tool in 10-20 minutes per day.

1. Automatic Tweeting

Automatic tweeting can help save you time. You should still interact on the site, but in order for your tweets to be seen by the most people possible, you need to send them more than once. There are several great sites that will let you do this. Here are a couple:

What I do is spend several minutes one or two times a week scheduling various tweets with links that I feel need the most attention. These links could be related to book reviews, guest posts, information on your book, characters, news items… and on and on. Once you set them up, you don’t need to think about them again.

2. Be Present on Twitter

By “being present” what I mean is get active. Again, this doesn’t take much time. But if the only effort you’re putting into Twitter is that you tweet something out once or twice a day and that’s it, step it up. A good rule of thumb? Interact with five people and tweet out five things. Do that to start, and see how you do. How you do find people to interact with? Read on.

3. Use Twitter Search

That search box at the top of Twitter is your friend. Use it to find people:

  • who are chatting about your book.
  • who are talking about a news item that might relate to our book.
  • who are also promoting books similar to yours (promoting others is a good thing and helps you in the process).
  • who are chatting about a key phrase that might relate to your book.

Finding people to interact with is a key component of Twitter. You can’t just tweet out links and be done. Not just that, but finding people on Twitter is easy. Enter a search term in the box (such as your name, book name, keywords that relate to your book, news items), and see what people are saying. Get involved in the conversation.

4. Promote Other Writers

I mentioned this briefly above, but promoting others is a great thing to do. Not only is it polite and gives you a “plays nice in the sandbox” kind of vibe, but you’ll also help your readers find new writers. Isn’t it nice when an author you enjoy points out other books you might like? That helps you with your own readers, and it also helps you find new readers. After all, if you promote an author who is similar to you, they might do the same for you. Connecting readers to authors does not send them away from your works. Just the opposite.

5. Inspire People

Who doesn’t love an inspirational quote or saying? You can be the person that gives someone a lift. The great thing is, when you inspire someone else they will probably follow you, so spread out your tweets with promotional items and things that provide inspiration.

Another way to do this is to find other writers and give them an “atta boy.” Writing is such a solitary thing, so it’s nice to be heard when you talk about your WIP. Search for the #amwriting hashtag to find out what writers are working on, and respond to them with a note of encouragement.

These quick five things will keep you in front of the eyes of Twitters everywhere, and get you more attention and success when using Twitter. Use these tips to slowly build a Twitter platform where you naturally talk about your book, as well as other things that might interest in the Twitterverse.

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  1. Some nice tip Cherie..I have been using my Twitter account with lots of caution..!!
    One thing which I take care of is less noise..I would suggest everyone to start using Bufferapp..which is good to add tweet and it will go live on regular interval..!!
    Apart from using general URL shortner use Su.pr shortener as it will help o drive more traffic to your blog…!!


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