How Did You Get Started Writing?

Guest post by Paige Agnew

To me, reading and writing go hand in hand. I’ve loved reading for so long and it came to a point that the idea of writing something of my own grew more prevalent. . As an compulsive reader, it only seems natural for the thought to cross my mind about writing. I always find reading inspiring. I wanted to write because I wanted others to feel the same way about my books as I do about others. That’s really the driving motivation. Of course, first and foremost, I write for myself. I started writing because I’d think of ideas for books I’d want to read and those translated into my own words on paper. The books I’ve written very much reflect the books on my shelves (which are too numerous to count, let me tell you). So whenever I’m asked about what started my writing, the answer is always the same. Reading. I write because so many others before me have done a fabulous job.

How Do You Market Yourself?

As a self published author, marketing isn’t always the easy thing. My marketing is handled by my business partner.  She schedules things like book tours, set up a website, and social networking sites like Facebook, wordpress, and Library Thing. In addition, she organizes book signings, and contests (most recently). I probably could be doing more to get my books out there, but seeing as  I’m in school, that can make that difficult.

Tell Us About Your Book

Seven people are kidnapped: Tommy and Cecilia, the best friends and runaways, Greg, the puzzle solving lawyer, Hazel and Kale, the lovestruck teenagers, Kariann, the single, Ms. Fix-it mom, and finally Jonathan, the kid who just wants to be left alone…and maybe it’d be best for everyone else if he was.

Seven: Seven Strangers One Purposefollows the lives of seven people and their seven different perspectives on a very unique kidnapping/social experiment and they find they’ll be tested in ways they never would have imagined. It’s all one big thrill ride to freedom. When and if they’ll get it. The question is, “can they work together?”

I can say, there will be blood and tears shed, not everyone will make it out alive or make it out at all, twists and turns will be around every corner, and it will end with a bang. Individuals’ lives will be changed forever and hopefully the reader won’t be exempt.

You can find out more about the characters of Seven go to my website at

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