Virtual Birthday Party? What’s That?

Guest post by Mukkove Johnson

Marketing a book is an amazing adventure. People ask all the time if it was hard to get published. I always tell them “It wasn’t for me. Marketing – now that’s a different story.” There are times it is like sailing peaceful seas, and times when I feel in the midst of a hurricane of ideas, outlets, and responsibilities. Social networking is an enticing area that easily begins to be a hurricane for me.  I stayed away for a long time because I was afraid of drowning in the flood of options. Some days it’s still a struggle.

I finally signed up for Facebook because I had a nephew in another state and that was the only place there were pictures. Shortly after I signed up a man in our community was severely injured by a runaway horse. Through social networking help and prayers were coordinated in an amazing way. Seeing how people were able to get information and work to serve this family using the tool of social networking I decided I needed to use that power to spread the word about my book.

My book, Christmas is About Jesus, is a Christmas devotion, my original release date was October 20, 2009. Wonderful timing! Before the “official” release date I did a book launching party at my church. I had fun with the Christmas theme- Christmas music, treats, and ornaments.  I did events every weekend for 3 months, some in book stores, one in a home, and mostly in craft shows.  A miniature Christmas tree was a good attention getter. I sent emails and asked people to help me spread the word. I sought out people online with a network of people suited to my book. I asked for reviews and sent out copies to anyone who said “yes”. I was pleased with my progress for my first season and my first book.

So what about a virtual birthday party? I have been intrigued by the idea of a virtual book tour. They seem to focus on new books. Mine has been out two years, and by now everyone who knows me has bought it. Time for something new. The idea of celebrating the release “birthday” seemed enough of a reason to organize a virtual tour.  What makes a good party? A theme: Birthday. Guests: Welcome! Something to do: I hope reading my posts and visiting blogs is interesting. Gifts: to add a little more of the party flavor I am giving gifts. A chance to make new friends: I will be hanging out on Facebook on October 20 to meet you and answer your questions. I am hoping a birthday party will make it fun and easy for people who own and like my book to share it with their online communities.

A virtual birthday party is an opportunity to build more connections. It is a great opportunity to share my blogs and other online activities. A new group of readers are exposed to my blogs and book and offered a chance to connect with me as an author. A virtual birthday party could be done for your website, blog- your own birthday even. Pick something to give you a theme that will catch someone’s attention and have fun!

Happy, Happy Birthday!           Happy, Happy Birthday!

Christmas is About Jesus is 2! Please help me celebrate! The party continues with interviews, gifts and articles @ Kove’s CoveElaine LittauLittle Life LessonsWorking Writers and BloggersEliza Earsman boooks, and Facebook

Gifts – What’s a birthday party without gifts! Here’s how to get yours:
For the printable coloring pages and ornaments to match the devotions email me @ with “gifts” in the subject line. I’ll get them to your inbox.

I’m giving away one Christmas is About Jesus gift set. Gift set includes 1 paperback, 1 matching journal, and 1 printed and strung set of ornaments. You can enter as many times as you like. Enter by commenting between October 17 and 20 on any of my co-hosts blogs for the birthday party: Elaine LittauLittle Life LessonsWorking Writers and Bloggers, and Eliza Earsman boooks. Leave a comment on this blog, Christmas is About Jesus or my website, Kove’s Cove. Like Mukkove Johnson – Christian Author on Facebook & Christmas is About Jesus on Facebook. And finally sign up for Encouragement from Kove’s Cove.

Many ways to enter. I hope you enjoy the party and take home something worth keeping as well!

Mukkove Johnson lives in Alaska with her high school sweetheart and their children. She enjoys learning new things, planning, creating and writing. Her first book Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional is available on her site, at Tate publishing, and most online retailers. Connect with Mukkove by visiting her website,, following her blogs, Kove’s Blog and Thoughts for Authors, or on Facebook.

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2 Comments on "Virtual Birthday Party? What’s That?"

  1. Thank you for hosting me today Cherie. I look forward to learning from you in the future.


    Cherie Reply:

    Thanks for being here and talking about your virtual b’day/book party. I hope our readers give it a try with their books, too!


  2. This is a great idea! My book will be turning two in March…so you may see a Birthday Party for mine around that time 🙂 That will give me a little while to plan. I do struggle with marketing ideas. It has been one of the toughest parts for me as an author.

    Great job Mukkove!


    Mukkove Reply:

    Thank you Amy! Marketing has been the most challenging part of writing for me as well. I hope this will help you. I would love a chance to read your book before March and help with your party!


    Amy Gatliff Reply:

    Sounds great! Your experience would definitely help!


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