How to Write a Successful Celebrity Blog

Do you want to write about your favorite celebrity? I’ve done this in the past. I’m not sure the people I wrote about were my favorites, but the job paid the bills and I actually learned a lot about celebrity blogging from it. If you’re thinking of writing about a celeb (for fun or to make a profit), here are some tips that might help.

Post Daily

Fans of celebrities scour the Internet for news of their favorite actor, singer, or artist. Daily postings are the norm, but at least five times a week is recommended. For some of the more newsworthy celebrities, it’s not unusual for some bloggers to post twice daily.

A blogger who knows the history of a celebrity has value for readers. Bloggers are advised to link to previous events and posts, thereby encouraging readers to go deeper into the site. Creating a history between the blog and the reader helps build loyalty as well.


How to (Really) Make Money Blogging


by Cherie Burbach



Celebrity Pictures

Getting good photos that are legal to use and don’t cost a mint are by far the biggest challenge for celebrity bloggers. It is never recommended to get pictures of a celebrity unauthorized! So if you want pictures, you should buy them from sites like Newscom, Zuma Press, Pacific Coast News, and Splash Media. The problem? This can cost.

Picapp used to be a good option, but that went bye-bye and I’ve yet to find anything that can replace it.

Celebrity Photo Gallery

Another way to get additional views is to insert a photo gallery into a post. This allows readers to get as many different views of various photos as possible. As the reader clicks on a new picture, a new page is counted on the viewing statistics.

Celebrity Interviews

Bloggers should never just rehash the information on other celebrity news sites. Instead, they should add something unique, such as opinions, creative posts, and even contests. For example, rather than repeating the news of the day for a celebrity, a blogger could write about the “top ways Jennifer Lopez gives back to charity” or “best Lindsay Lohan daytime looks” or even “the New Year’s goals” of the stars.

The media has learned the value of bloggers when it comes to promotion, so getting interviews for top celebrity isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. If a celebrity is on a certain television show, for example, a blogger could contact the show to request an interview or exclusive photos. Otherwise, contacting the publicist is the next best step.

Celebrity blogs can be fun to write and profitable for the right situation. Bloggers should make sure they have enough to write about when it comes to a particular celebrity before starting up a new blog or joining a network. The best way to make a celebrity blog interesting is for the blogger to add their own personality and find unique ways to report the news.

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  1. I am in the early stages of creating my blogs, one about politics and one about celebrities. I know that there is a huge amount of work involved in this niche, because it is a very crowded niche and there is a lot of competition for readers. I was searching for ‘writing a celebrity blog’ and came across your site. Thanks for the tips.


    Cherie Reply:

    Good luck with your new site.


  2. Thanks Cherie. Keep up the good work!


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