4 Don’t and Do Tips for Writers Block: Oddball Tricks

Guest post by Philip Russell

As a professional writer in the Internet world, if you haven’t already learned that is can be very strenuous to keep up the pace with your writing, while maintaining a high level of quality, then you are either: A) Very new or B) A total machine.

The writing field on the Internet is a very demanding field, although if you can get your system down and are able to write for long periods of a time without taking too many breaks, then you will definitely be able to make a pretty good living for yourself on the Internet.

The question is… will you be able to keep it up? Hitting writer’s block every once so often is something that can be pretty common (with any sort of writer not just ones on the Internet). There are tons of different ways that you can beat writers block, here are a few oddball ways of doing so. They include ways that indirectly help your writing, as there are many different ways that people try to beat the writers block syndrome, but rarely ever find themselves doing so in a timely manner because they are using poor techniques. So without further adieu…


First of all, reading your favorite blog posts of the day is never going to be something that is always going to be a quick fix – especially if you are in the SEO field. Yes, sometimes it can spur ideas rather quickly and sometimes you can get inspired by a post, but if you are like most of the people that write article for the Internet, you are probably always reading blog posts anyways. Your brain needs something new to do, and it just doesn’t work out that way that every time you read a post you are automatically inspired to begin working on a new article.


Reading is one of the best things you can do for your mind, however there are different levels of reading. If you are reading 250 word blog post after 250 word blog post, you are really teaching your brain to have a short attention span, which is not good for zoning in and getting a lot of writing done. Instead of watching TV or doing something else that is a waste of time, try diving into a book. If you are a professional writer, it can really help you  get the “juices” flowing as reading improves your vocabulary and helps you to think. Reading a good book that you enjoy will easily translate into better writing each and every day.


Get caught up in listening to all sorts of different types of music all day long. In today’s world, it is very easy to waste a bunch of time going through all sorts of different tracks. Just the fact that you can spend so much time throughout the day – each and every day – searching for your favorite songs on different platforms, via Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, etc., allows you to waste an inordinate amount of time searching for music. In fact you may end up searching for more music than you do actually listening to it!


It is a theory of mine that not listening to music while you are working can actually make you a lot more productive – especially if you are writing! Music forces your brain to count (even if you don’t realize it) and therefore it is taking up a lot of space that can be used for translating your thoughts into words. However, if you absolutely have to listen to music while you are writing, I encourage you to do it the old fashioned way, which is to listen to whole albums at a time via a disc or record play or something that you simply are going to fidget with all day long. If you really want to start being productive then you should definitely give classical music a try!


Drink endless amounts of drinks that have a lot of sugar in them. Sugar is just going to make you crash. That being said, it can really hard to have to write all day long and go without a couple cups of coffee (computer programmers can really relate to this). Your mind has to be totally awake to give writing your best shot, but if you start drinking Mountain Dew after Mountain Dew, or if you start loading all of your coffee drinks with sugar, then you are definitely going to be in for a big crash, where you will get absolutely no writing done whatsoever.


Drink vegetable juice or tea. “Green Drinks” are some of the healthiest things that you can drink on this planet. Tea is also very – very healthy for you (it also has caffeine in it for all of you out there that require a substantial dose of that to be able to activate throughout the day) as it is loaded with antioxidants that help give you energy as well as even help prevent a large amount of diseases!


Waste time “learning how” to do something by reading about it. One of the main problems with our education systems these days is that we are forced to “learn” something without ever doing it. If you are going to spend the majority of the time of your day Googling things so that you can learn how to do something, you really aren’t going to learn it and it will show in your writing because your topics will most likely be rehashed topics that can be found anywhere else on the web.


The last thing I will say is that you actually have to spend time doing things to learn them so it will translate into your writing and come out as your own as it was you that learned how to do it by doing it and it was you that gained the experience by going through the process. Whether you are writing as a freelance writer or providing a white label link building service – your writing will be at its best when you have had experience in what you are writing about. So go have experiences!


This article was written by Philip Russell of www.inetzeal.net for whom he helps to provide SEO services. In his spare time he enjoys writing articles about SEO and SEM.

Image: lobster20 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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