Why I Never Get Bored Writing Like in Other Jobs

I have worked in a fairly long line of conventional jobs and they all had one thing in common; they bored me rigid after a while.

The first couple of weeks in a new job are always pretty good, aren’t they? You learn the ropes, meet interesting new people and try out all of the different types of coffee in the office machine. However, after a while I realize that I know all of the processes, I am fed up seeing the same faces every morning and that I couldn’t face one more insipid choco-mococchino even if you paid me to drink the stuff.

At one point I was actually really worried about this. I had started off well in all of my jobs but gradually lost interest when there was nothing left to find out. I had gone through something like 6 jobs in 10 years and I really thought that there was something wrong with me and that there was no way of sorting it out.

I had this horrible premonition of how I would be job hunting every year or so until I retired and then getting my name in the Guinness Book of Records for holding more jobs in my life than anyone else in the world ever.  Then I discovered freelance writing and haven’t switched jobs since.

At first I started off with the usual mixture of high hopes with a bit of trepidation but after a few months I realized something unusual was happening; I was enjoying the work more as I went on.  There are a couple of very good reasons for this.

Learn Something New Every Day

How many jobs pay for you finding out interesting facts? I have always loved to investigate trivia and obscure factoids. When I get a travel article job I can discover more about the place and when I get one for a site about light bulbs, well, at least it is something different, isn’t it? I often wonder if other writers then find the same thing happens to them as I do. Whenever I speak to people and a strange subject crops up which no one knows about I kind of sheepishly pipe up, “I did an article on that last month and it was actually Humphry Davy and not Thomas Edison who discovered that carbon glows”. I reckon a quiz team of copywriters would rule the world.


This is maybe even more important. I was quite lucky in having some project type jobs which let me have more freedom than in other careers but I still felt shackled. With my online writing work I can work at 5am, 3pm or whenever the inspiration hits me. I can also work three days solid and prop my eyelids open with match sticks or work an hour at a time and go back to bed in between. I love this freedom, and the thought of going back to a restrictive office job scares the bejesus out of me, even if I miss the free coffee sometimes.

I know almost everyone hates their job but there is a small number of people doing seo copywriting work that have taken the step and never looked back. I’m one of them.

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  1. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought that I wrote this article! This is exactly how my working life has gone! The only reason I was able to get into freelance writing was because I got laid off from my administrative (read restrictive office job) position three months ago and decided now was the time to do what I was meant to do, no matter what! I’m LOVING the freedom, unconventional hours, and like you, learn constantly. Thanks for sharing this and helping me to see that I’m not the only one who thought they would end up in the record books for the most jobs. I’m only 35 and I’ve had 11 jobs since I was 15. This one is for keeps!


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