5 Guaranteed Steps to Increase Your Affiliate Income

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If you are earning measly income from affiliate marketing, then it is obvious that you are not doing affiliate marketing the right way. You should be able to earn at least $200 per month if you are doing the right affiliate marketing method. If you get less commission in your affiliate marketing campaign, it means that you need to increase your affiliate income by changing the way you are working on it. Here are 5 guaranteed steps to increase your affiliate income:

1. Product review

Writing product review can really help to boost your affiliate commission. People who are looking for specific product review are those who are ready to buy the product. If you can give them good product review that motivate them to buy the product, you’ll easily generate more affiliate commission. A good product review is an honest product review from your own experience.  Don’t try to scam your potential customers by telling the product that you don’t know at all. It is a lot better for you to buy the product first, try it, and share your experience with your potential customers. This will give more trust for your review.

2. Create bonus complimentary product

If you promote the same affiliate product as other people do, you need a different strategy to hook more customers to buy from your link. One of the best strategies is to create bonus complimentary product. It will work by creating good product related to the product you are promoting. Give this bonus to those who buy the affiliate product through your link. However, make sure that you create high quality product.

3. Promote recurring affiliate product

If you want more passive income, why not promote recurring affiliate product? In this way, you’ll get monthly commission for as long as your customers stay customers. You don’t need to worry whether you will be able to attract new customers or not because once you’ve generated some sales from some loyal customers, you’ll keep getting the commissions even though you are not actively promoting the product later.

4. Promote better affiliate product

Probably, the real problem of your marketing strategy is that you are promoting lame product that doesn’t convert. In this case, you should promote different and better product for your affiliate promotions. Look at your product again. Do you personally want to buy the product if you were a potential customer? If not, then find better product to promote.

5. Change the way you talk to your potential customers

Perhaps your customers are scared of the way you’re talking to them. Check your copy again. Does it have a friendly tone? Do you really care about your customers? Or are you talking like a salesperson that force your potential customers to buy your affiliate products? Remember, the best thing to convert more sales is by giving your customers real help. Be friendly with your potential customers, and don’t be pushy. This is called preselling.

Those simple steps will help you to boost your affiliate income.

Rebecca is a freelance writer that writes on various topics such as internet marketing and finance in general. You can visit her site where you can get information on Unsecured Loans in Canada as well as Credit Cards in general.

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