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If you have a blog that you write seriously and want regular traffic for (as opposed to a simple online diary that you don’t mind how many people you get reading it), or that you are using to promote your business, it is very important that you post regularly.  Regular posting dramatically improves the amount of traffic you get, as people doing searches for recent pages will find you, and you have more things to promote via other means like Twitter and Facebook.  It also makes your blog look more professional and credible.  How much value would you attach to the views of a blog that hadn’t been updated for six months?  What about two years?

Of course, keeping your blog up to date means you have to invest a lot of time writing for it, and sometimes the amount of time you have to come up with ideas and write about them either fluctuates or just isn’t available at all.  Here are some tips to help you keep your blog topped up with fresh information at a steady and consistent rate, no matter how much time you’ve got.

Decide on Post Regularity and be Consistent

By regular, I mean that you don’t want to leave a large gap, but exactly how regular will depend what your blog is about and what you are trying to get out of it.  If you are doing a site about news, sport or entertainment, you are dealing with time sensitive, topical information that loses its value in days or even hours, so you will need to post very regularly.  If you are writing about a product, hobby or industry, your posts have a longer lifespan and so one a week would suffice.  What is important is that you are consistent so your readers know what to expect.

Plan and Write Some in Advance

Keep a list of topics you can cover in advance, and when you have some free time write a few in advance.  Most blogging platforms will let you schedule them to post on a given date rather than publishing immediately, so once they’re done you can just schedule them to go live and your blog will update itself.  This is obviously harder if your blog is topical, but there are still some things you can do in advance, for instance for a sports site you can do previews for events that haven’t happened yet, or features about certain athletes.

Guest Posts

If your blog isn’t reliant on you being the writer (e.g. you aren’t a recognized expert or specialist whose name is what your blog trades on) then use some guest blog writers.  These could be friends of yours, other members of your company if it is a business blog, or even hired freelancers.  This can be a great way to not only keep your posts regular, but introduce some new ideas and make your blog better.

Committing to a blog is important, but it needn’t be a chore to keep yours up to date.  By planning ahead and involving more people you can easily have a fresh, up to date blog that your readers will keep coming back to.

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