Do You Hate Your Job?

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You may think you hate your job – but hey, at least you have one. In this economy, that’s something that a lot of people can’t say. So be grateful for the fact that you can actually say that you are employed in this recession economy.

So you may not be a CEO, maybe you’re living from paycheck to paycheck and are working in a field that isn’t something you ever thought you would venture into, maybe you really don’t like your co-workers or feel constantly isolated on the job.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t find enjoyment on the job, or in your life. A job or a career does not have to be the focus of your life, and it really only should be if it’s something that you truly enjoy and get satisfaction out of.

As that seems not to be the case, here are a few ways to take baby steps to that job satisfaction we are all looking for:

Know Your Job Requirements

Does your boss throw you projects without any advance warning and expect you to drop everything and get it done? Do they not train you for something…and assume that you will muddle along and complete the project as expected?

It’s a fun feeling, isn’t it? Well, part of why you are dissatisfied at work is because of this lack of communication. Your boss isn’t going to be any clearer on what they what you do to – it’s up to you to learn how to respectfully speak up and ask for that training that you weren’t offered, or respectfully say that you won’t be able to get this project done today unless you clear your entire day.

Learn how to communicate to your superiors both respectfully and assertively, and you’re well on your way to job satisfaction – and maybe even a raise! If you speak up about what you can and can’t do and what you need – your boss is often impressed. Rarely is this kind of open communication seen as a bad thing.

Know Your Personality

Are you someone that has to keep a list and check things off as you go? Then do so. Are you someone that works on tight deadlines? Then set them for yourself.

And then, there will also be some jobs that aren’t really fit for your personality at all – and you may be in one. A job that doesn’t mesh with your personality may be causing a lot of undue stress in your life – and the only solution may be to find another job that is a much better fit. A few questions to ask yourself and reflect on:

  • Do you like working independently or as a part of a team?
  • Do you need to work towards deadlines or do you need a perpetual stream of tasks?
  • Do you like structure and routine, or variation and change?
  • Is what you’re doing important to you?
  • Do you want to be a large part of a small company, or a smaller part of a large company?

Work/Life Balance

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s ridiculously important that you maintain a good work-life balance – constantly working late hours or coming in early to catch up and get work done is not a failing on your part, nor something that you should make up for; it is an indication that your company needs to hire someone to do the additional work that you’re taking on. Plus, staying late hours at the office often means that you get less and less productive as the hours tick by.

Make sure that you have a life outside of the office – whatever that life may be. You don’t have to be a crazy party person or go hiking every weekend – unless you want to! Your time is your time for a reason – do what you want to do outside of the office and don’t allow the worries and concerns of your job seep into it.

Rewards And Recognition

Even if the rewards and recognition are given to you by you, it’s still important that you recognize the hard work that you’re doing and treat yourself to something every once in a while. Go to the spa for a weekend, or take a quick trip away into the mountains. Frugality has it’s place, but sometimes, especially when you’re trying to adjust to a new job, you need to spoil yourself.

Mary understands the value of doing more with less and knows how to manage her money but also understands that everything needs to be in moderation, including moderation.

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