Creating Your Site Identity Visually

Guest post by Avery Petersen

When creating a website for a business, there are a lot of things that you should consider to make it stand out from the rest. You will want to think about the first thing that you will want your customers to see when they first click on your link, your appearance, and your identity.

Create your Visual ID:

Usually, one of the first things that you want your customers to see is a one of a kind logo that will stand out from the rest. You will want it to be a good size for your customers to be able to see, and very colorful, so that it will stand out and will be easy for your clients as well as potential clients to remember.

Your logo is your identification card for your brand. It is an image that people will remember when they see. If you see a golden M, you know you are looking at McDonalds. This is an example of logo recognition that you are striving for.

Your logo should reflect your company or website and can easily be associated with the image you are trying to portray. Using a logo that includes a computer or smartphone for a tech site is better than using a logo that shows a car. However, using a logo that identifies with the name of your company or site is also a good idea. For instance if you see an apple with a bite taken out, you know that is for Apple, a leading innovator of gadgets and computers.

Be Unique:

It is equally important for your business to have a catchy name that stands out from the rest. If you can, come up with a name that is unique, and that no one has used before. This way, if someone is searching for you on the Internet, they can type your business name into their search engine and easily find you.

Include Contact Info:

Your location, and contact information, should be bold, and a good font size to easily spot if someone is in a hurry to contact you over the phone, or get to your office before it closes. There are some poorly designed sites where it takes you ten minutes or more to find the individual’s contact information, or to discover that it is nowhere to be found at all on the person’s site. This will stop your potential customers and site visitors from initiating contact with you.

Dress for Success:

Make your site appealing to the eye. You want it to be inviting, but not overwhelming. Think about the important highlights that you want people to focus on when visiting your website, and then if there is other information that you feel your customers would benefit from knowing, you have the option of linking it to your page from another page or something like that.

This way the information may not be right there overwhelming your clients, or potential clients, but it will the information that they may not need right then, but may need at a future date will be right there where it will be easy for them to access if and when they might need it.

Proudly Display Satisfaction:

One thing that some companies might do is have a link to customer feedback, and testimonials of their experiences while doing business with your company. Although this is something that people do look at some business websites for, it is not something that needs to be right on the main page for potential clients to read and make a decision before learning more about your company, and what it has to offer. A few of your better compliments may be beneficial on a sidebar, but the bulk of your testimonials and comments should be placed in another page to keep the focus of the main page on your company’s image.

Properly crating your site’s identity is about more than just colors and pictures. Content, credibility and value will also determine if your site has a great identity. Be cautious not to overwhelm your visitors, over complicate your design or deter them from learning about you or your company. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

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