When a Book Comes Out in Ebook – Interview with Sherri Rabinowitz

Sherri Rabinowitz has done several guest posts here at Working Writers, and we also talked with her before about her books. But I wanted to bring her back because her book Fantasy Time Inc. has just been released as an ebook, and I think that’s always an exciting time for authors. It’s also an opportunity to revamp your book sales.

I’m going to talk more about this subject (of ways to recharge your book marketing efforts) in the upcoming year, but for now, here are a few things I asked Sherri about her new ebook project.

Your book has just been released as an ebook. This is a good opportunity for authors to ramp up their promotion efforts. What are some of the things you’ve done to get attention for your ebook?

Thank you, it’s all new to me. I am doing interviews and guest blogs. I also have new announcement on several websites and a new ad.

Do you find that more people are reading ebooks or books these days? Have your book sales changed at all with regard to so many people having e-readers?

It seems to be an ebook world. I have been getting more sales since the ebook hit the market. My friend explained that it was because it can contain many books in a small space and its easier to carry on a plane if you travel a lot. I can understand that, because a lot of books in bag would cost a fortune these days on plane.

What are some of your favorite ways to market your book?

I use Twitter a lot. I also love to do guest blogs and interviews.

What’s been the best feedback that you’ve received about your book so far?

I had two wonderful reviews of the book. I also was asked if I would write a sequel three times because they wanted to know what happened to these characters next.

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