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I recently asked writers to send in their writing-related New Year’s resolutions. I like to set some goals for myself at the start of a new year, and I know many of you do as well. Here are some of the writing resolutions you’re working on for the new year.

Thursday Bram

In 2012, I’ve resolved to set aside at least twenty hours every week to work on my own writing projects — not just the client work that pays the bills. If I don’t stick to it, I’ll never complete the full-length manuscript I’ve started.

Marta Szemik

My greatest resolution will be to write every day (excluding Sundays) with the intent on publishing 3 more pieces in 2012 (4 if all goes well). It seems simple, but life always gets in the way. Treating writing like a business while still feeding the pages from the heart will improve the quality of my writing, ultimately broadening my reader and fan base. This resolution will be combined with setting a specific schedule which outlines the time I can use to self-promote versus write. I hope these goals will allow me to be a writer who can support her family by end of 2012. So far, I’m on the right path.

Rachel Cheríe

I’ve just published my first book this Nov (Treachery at Martinique Isle). My goals for the new year are to sell 5,000 books, get the sequel for this book started on production by Oct/Nov, and finish the couple books I have had on standby this last year (almost completed)!

Wade Shepard

My new years resolutions for 2012 begin and end with the ever present goal to continue using writing as a means through which I am able to live life on my own terms, stay working for myself, continue traveling the world, and supporting my wife and daughter. To do this I pledge that I will again publish over 600K words, continue cultivating my travel website into a true geography/ cultural resource, raise traffic to 150K visitors per month, make as many writer friends as networking connections or fans, to pen an article set in every country of the world, to finish the two books I’ve been working on for years, and, of course, to devise methods to earn more from writing so I don’t have to work like a dog and do this all again in 2013.

Collin Kelley

I will begin work on the third book in The Venus Trilogy (which already includes Conquering Venus and the newly-released Remain In Light) and I plan to create an outline and follow it. I realized late that even a loose outline can help you connect the dots and keep the plot moving forward, especially if you’re juggling multiple characters and story arcs.

Chelle Cordero

This past year I allowed my non-writing obligations and other distractions to monopolize too much of my time – in 2012 I plan to put the priority back on to “Chelle Cordero, Author”. I’ll do this through better time-management and organization. I am lucky to be a full-time writer (non-fiction) and I will use my time more effectively to make room for my fiction writing.

Dayne Shuda

In 2012, I have both professional and personal writing goals.

On the professional side, my focus is on quality over quantity. While quantity is important for my clients, I want to always work on improving the content I and the other writers at my company provide. Also, I want to provide clear direction for the writers that work with me. They are so smart and driven. I want to continue to challenge them and allow them to achieve great accomplishments with their writing.

On the personal side, I want to complete my first novel. I have no idea what I’m doing, but hopefully good things will happen. I’m also going to focus on my personal blog more to share stories, photos, and experiences to allow people to get to know me a little more.

Brenda Della Casa

I plan to re-do both of my sites and complete my next book proposal.

Marcie Hill

My writing goals for 2012 include conducting writing and blogging trainings, humor writing, grant writing and copywriting. I am going to master writing headlines and sales writing. This will allow me to diversify my skill set and teach what I know.

Nichole Bazemore

My New Year’s resolution is to gain higher-profile, higher-paying magazine and ad agency clients, largely through cold calling.

Tracey Franks

My writing New Year’s resolution is to carve out very small amounts of time for creative writing to balance out the content and business writing I focus on every day. Much like runners get a “runner’s high,” I get a similar endorphin rush when I allow my brain to run freely and creatively before putting pen to paper. Instead of placing that style of writing on the back burner, I will make sure it is part of my day.

Ally E. Peltier

I participated in and won NaNoWriMo for the first time this year. My New Year’s writing resolution is to set up an area for writing that is not my office. I freelance as both an editor and a writer, and when I’m at my desk it’s very difficult to turn off my editor-brain, which is helpful with articles and marketing copy but which makes writing fiction difficult. And in that new space, I resolve to keep working on the 50,000 word novel I drafted in November so that by next year I can use NaNoWriMo to write the second book in what I hope will be a trilogy.

Christine K. Clifford

My New Year’s Resolution in ’11 was to finish two books I was working on, and I did. They both got published. So my 2012 Resolution is to actively blog, Twitter and Facebook my books on to the best-seller’s lists! No, seriously, though, getting two books published was a lot of work. I want to take the time in the next year to write articles and blog posts that will bring them the attention they deserve.

Kyle Gregorowski

My resolution: Internalizing my junior school motto. This may seem somewhat unusual as a resolution but there is a point behind it. My old school motto was “Agite Statim” – loosely translated as “Do it now”. As a kid this wasn’t all that helpful to me, because I ran around doing everything I possible could all at once, but as I grew older I started to realize the power of this tiny little phrase. As a writer, there are times when work is chaotic and frantic, and you feel like you just can’t keep up. Weirdly, these are the times when you see just how much you can actually get done. But when the deadlines are far off, I always end up on the couch stuffing my face. If I worked at some kind of consistent level, who knows what I could achieve?

Cora Parks

As a blogger, my goal for 2012 is to increase my daily blog readership. Currently, it tends to average between 200 to 300 persons per day. I want to increase both quality and quantity of output and range of topics, in addition to increasing SEO to increase traffic to the website.

Mary DeKok Blowers

In 2012 I plan to ramp up my production and complete something at least weekly for submission. Since I have a full-time non-writing job, this is relatively ambitious for me. I will also need to learn and engage more in the marketing arena. I will do this by studying Writer’s Market and choosing at least one market from it weekly to submit to. To focus my writing, I will make a list of topics as I think of them (several a day sometimes!) and work my way down the list. Finally, I will track submissions and results.

JP Jones

For 2012 my writing resolution is to find and attempt to set an actual time slot for ‘writing’ specifically. Often in the busyness of running my business and other responsibilities I find myself pushing writing to the back burner. As a result, my second book is still in progress!

Anindita Basu Sempere

Every year I make resolutions such as “I’m going to finish (or finish revising) my novel” or “I will attend at least 2 writing conferences, 6 book groups, and 8 critique group meetings.” It’s easy to track progress with quantified goals! This year, my resolution is simple: to take my time. Whether revising a scene or completing an exercise, my goal is to focus on the moment I’m trying to capture and to inhabit it.

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2 Comments on "Writers New Year Resolutions"

  1. Thank you for sharing my New Years Resolution. Now that they are in the Universe, I’m about to put more energy behind them.


    Cherie Reply:

    Yes, seeing them in black and white is good motivation.


  2. One of my resolutions (aside from working on my book review blogs) is to work on my YA magical realism novel a little each day. I just finished a complete first draft last year, and am now working on a second draft, so I guess my main goal is to have completed that draft by summer.


    Cherie Reply:

    A good, measurable goal, Liz! I hope you have it broken down into even smaller points, like word count per week. You can do it!


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