Hey, Newbies, Are You Tired of Being Invisible?

Guest post by Jason Scott

If the title of this post speaks to you, then your blogging experiences are probably similar to mine. Let me take a guess. Do you work your backside off getting your blog just right, filling it with great content, editing, re-editing, and making it look so hot that you could cook a stack of blueberry pancakes on it? You press that “Publish” button and steady yourself for the stampede of traffic your amazing blog is sure to get. You wait and wait until, you feel you could burst. Finally, you click the stat reports button and you are swallowed under a massive tidal wave of… zilch. I know, ouch, right?

That ego punting disappointment happens to most new bloggers, and it stings like hell. The problem is that you don’t want to be like most new bloggers. You want extraordinary success, and you want it immediately. The truth is that immediate blog success doesn’t happen unless you’re already famous, someone famous endorses you, or you already make gazillions of dollars being awesome at something else. No? Not you? Me either.

If you want to get through a locked door and you don’t have a key, you find out who does and see if they will open it for you. Blogging success is similar, and guest blogging can be the key to getting you through the door as a writer. Guest blogging on established sites gets you what you really need, which is exposure. If you are festering in the prison of your own invisible site, you need to seek help from someone willing to open doors and show you the escape route to a more expansive blogging existence. That is what I did.

How did I do it? I stopped being so proud and stupid, and I sought help. I did my research and found a helpful site, www.bloggerslinkup.com, and submitted a request to their members for an opportunity to guest post on one of their sites. I was very quickly contacted by Cherie Burbach, with a guest post offer that I would have been a total idiot to refuse (Thanks Cherie, you rock like Woodstock!). The rest is not history, but the future.

What do I expect to get from this guest post? Noticed, followed, and appreciated. That’s the truth in three words. However, I also get the satisfaction of knowing that I might encourage someone else to step out of their comfort zone and to try a different and proven tactic toward their blogging success. One more reason? Hopefully, someone reading this might want to connect with me, and we can work toward one another’s success. See, I am just like you, really hungry to get my momentum up. If exposure on a great site like this can help me, then such exposure can help you too.

A few tips to get you started:

  • Submit your request on a site like www.bloggerslinkup.com. It worked for me.
  • If someone makes you a reasonable opportunity, take it!
  • Show your worth by giving insightful and relevant comments on established blogs in your niche. Just don’t become a nuisance or a pest.
  • Just ask, but a thick skin is paramount. Popular bloggers are inundated with requests. Remember that tidal wave of zilch?
  • Remember to reciprocate if someone gives you a chance. Give your benefactor a bit of love and a voice on your blog if they wish for it.
  • Pay it forward. Give other new bloggers the same opportunities you long for.

Guest blogging works if you ask the right people, the right way, and if you have something relevant to say. Now get out there and find a blog to bless with your talents.  Good luck!

By the way, if you are looking for a guest writer to post on your blog, then you can find me at www.ma… Okay, okay, I won’t be that shameless.

Please comment with your thoughts and tips on the benefits of guest blogging.

Jason Scott, a tireless supporter of those that are hungry to make something of their lives. Although software engineering with GE has been my primary trade for the last decade, I do have a more people focused calling that I feel privileged to respond to and live for. Software is the Clark Kent to my people loving hero(ish) personality. My community volunteering work keeps me busy when my family doesn’t. I will speak, write, coach, and roll up my sleeves to dig ditches for people in need of a helping hand.

The intent of my blog is to build a community of like thinkers, hell-bent on making a difference for people that need help along their paths to greatness. Those of us that can help should help, and we know it. We should embrace our ability to make life happier and more whole for the people that look up to us. So, if you have the patience, please endure my ramblings, but embrace the core of my intent. I just want to help others to believe in themselves, and share any knowledge and resources to enhance their lives.

My blog is at http://www.makethemgreat.com


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