10 Motivational Tips for Small Business Owners

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Owning a small business can have its ups and downs. One month you may find yourself on top of the world, enjoying the fruits of your labor. During other months, however, you may be reminding yourself why you decided to go into business in the first place.  These are the times when you find that you need the most motivation to keep moving forward. The following are a few motivational tips for small business owners who need some encouragement.

    • Connect with other people who have the same passion as you do. Having a network of people to turn to when times get tough will be very beneficial to you.  Your motivation should come from within, but it is also important to have a support system to stand behind you and lift you up when you need it.  This can come from family or from other small business owners who share the same passion for business that you do.  Develop a network of business owners who share the same passion and lean on each other for support.
    • Have your goals posted where you can see them. Constantly remind yourself of why you set out on this business venture in the first pace.  Post goals and desired outcomes in visible places throughout your home or workspace.  This will serve as a constant reminder that you are working towards a goal and help you get motivated to meet them.
    • Celebrate your accomplishments. On the months when business is good, don’t be afraid to celebrate accomplishments.  Spread the word that you have achieved a goal. Throw a business party or take the office out for dinner.  Celebrating will give you the motivation to move on to achieving the next goal.
    • Keep a positive outlook about your business. Regardless of how things may be looking at the moment, keep a positive outlook and attitude about your business. If you put your mind to it and do the work needed, you can make your business succeed.  A negative attitude about your business venture will serve only to make things worse and set yourself up for failure.
    • Have a life outside of “business.”  Your business will take up a lot of your time but you must find a way to separate your business from your actual life.  You will get burned out very easily if you aren’t making time for family and friends. Set a time during the day that you consider “free time” and enjoy life. Enjoying life will provide motivation.
    • Relish in the freedom of being your own boss.  One of the reasons that you started your own business in the first place is the freedom of being your own boss.  Take advantage of this and use some time during the day to hit the gym. Exercising can be a great way to relieve stress.  Remember, you are your own boss for a reason!
    • Look for ways to get re-energized and re-focused.  Taking a weekend to get away can be very helpful in boosting your motivation.  Getting a way for a while and relaxing can re-energize you.  You can come back with new direction, re-focused, and ready to hit the ground running with your business.   Attend a conference that will give you new ideas.  This is a great way to get the refreshing that you need to carry on with the business.
    • Realize that a bad month doesn’t mean your business is ruined. All businesses have ups and downs. This is especially true if you are trying to establish your business.  In the beginning, don’t look at bad months as the end of the world. Simply look at it as growing pains for your business.
    • Set deadlines for yourself. The motivation to get it done will be helpful.  If your business involves you working from home at your own pace, it can be very helpful to set deadlines for yourself. You can lose motivation once you start getting behind or have your plate too full.  Deadlines can actually help you get things done and be a great motivator.
    • Do you have a business mentor? Who do you turn to when times get tough? A business mentor is someone you can turn to for advice on how to get through the woes of opening your own business.  This can be a close friend, a family member who has business experience, or someone that you hire.  There are many great mentors available on the internet that can provide you with support ant motivation for a small fee.  A business mentor will help you sort out the details of your business and also provide encouragement when you need it the most.

    Don’t let discouragement get you down. Use the tip above to motivate you in your business ventures.

    Stacy works for GO-Gulf.com a web design company that offers web designing services in Saudi Arabia and other parts of Middle East.

    Image: mack2happy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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