5 Tips to Handle Interviews

Guest post by Karen Carlat

The world economy is reeling under the recession. Jobs are not easy to find, and the unemployment figures are not encouraging at all. If then, you are out of a job, or trying to change the existing one for a better one, you would definitely have to take an interview. Take no chances whatsoever with your job interview; it may have drastic effects on your future. Preparing for a job interview is a serious affair. Give it the importance it merits and be ready to face the panel with confidence.

Going for an interview often is like a race for the “first among equals.” You may have the requisite qualifications and wherewithal for the job on hand, but someone else may get selected in the subjective interview process where, age, background, and the like are factors that are taboo for the interview panel to consider, and all things being equal between two candidates, the one who impresses better in the interview, walks away with the job. This is an approval based on a chain process, where you have to impress the two or three tires that constitute an interview panel. Some factors that could boost your career and change your lifestyle are enumerated below.

Be Confident

You cannot be seen as a bundle of anxiety and tension when you walk into an interview for a job. You must project the positive aspects of your energy, and do or say nothing that might expose uneasiness or anxiety during the process of the interview. Project your confidence and smartness to earn their trust that you are the best man for the job. A confident and reassuring candidate always scores high, no matter where he goes. Ensure to make eye contact with the interviewer with your first handshake with him and establish this nonverbal communication mode with him.

Proper Dressing is Paramount

Dress right and dress smart. Project your professionalism and intelligence and stay conservative. Remember the old proverb, “the first impression is the best impression,” and never lose your focus. Appropriate dressing for the interview is bound to get you marks.

Delve into the Organization Background

Expect the worst and steel yourself for the rivalry, and what better way to be ahead of the competition and show your pedigree, than reading up thoroughly about your prospective employer from all sources available to you including the social networks, blogs, forums and what have you.

Anticipate and Deliver-Questions of Course

Prepare well for the interview and concentrate on the potential questions that may come your way. This will give you an impressive advantage during question hour at the interview, when your rocket answers will not fail to impress the panel of interviewers.

Subject to a Mock Interview

Very few, really take the trouble of setting up a mock interview with to gain the advantage of a rehearsal before the interview itself. A friend could do this and drill you and prepare you better with plausible questions and answers, for your interview on that fateful day.

Consistently good interviews will leave no doubts in the mind of the recruiters that you are the best man for the job. Follow these 5 tips for interviews, and you will never live to regret it.

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