6 Things You Can Do to Kick-Start Your Affiliate Earning

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Most people (mostly newbie affiliates) have a hard time just to generate one sale from their affiliate promotion. This article is geared toward those people who almost give up their hope in this business. I want to remind you that affiliate marketing can be the best business you’ve ever have in your life, and I will tell you the easy ways to produce that easy one affiliate sale that you’re struggling with. Here are 6 things you can do to kick-start your affiliate earning.

1. Create a niche website

If you’re promoting an affiliate product, the best thing you can do to start earning real commission from your affiliate business is to create a niche website. Yes, a real .com website, and not blogspot blog or Squidoo page, or anything else that is free. It’s easy to setup. Place 7 pages of content in your niche website and one review article about your affiliate product and voila, you’ve just made a highly converting niche website. You then promote your niche website in various ways and see the sales roll in.

2. Promote bestseller and recurring commission product

You won’t make good affiliate commission if you are promoting lame products. Promote bestseller products and recurring commission products. Your time will be well-spent promoting those products than any other dubious products. Bestseller products will give you assurance that people are actually buying them. Recurring commission product will generate good amount of passive affiliate income.

3. Build a mailing list

Promoting product to your own list will convert better than promoting product to strangers. That’s why list building is an important part in your affiliate marketing campaign. Give free report to your audience and start building mailing list from it. Then, promote your affiliate product to your list.

4. Article marketing method

Do you know that you can attract highly targeted traffic to your affiliate website by simply writing articles related to your website? Highly targeted traffic means traffic that will have high potential to convert into sales. Article marketing is zero-dollar promotion method that will bring you affiliate sales easily. You definitely need to use this method in your affiliate promotion. However, I will tell you that in order to maximize your success with article marketing, each article that you write must be persuasive.

5. Narrow down your audience

Let’s get straight to the example. If you promote an acne product, whatever it is, don’t try to target all acne sufferers as your potential customers. You will not get the desired result if you do so. Instead narrow down your audience. Promote to only certain people inside the acne sufferer category that are more specific and most related with your product. For example, you can promote your acne product to people that suffer severe acne for more than 3 years. See the difference? In this way, you will have better conversion with your promotion.

6. Narrow down your niche

Do not promote general niche. This is a big rule. You want to start your earning, and you are a newbie. Promoting in general niche is a game for super affiliates and big companies. The safe way to earn more income is to narrow your niche. For example, you can’t promote general niche such as ‘cure acne’. It will be better if you promote niche such as ‘cure years of severe acne naturally without medication’. This will narrow your niche and increase your conversion.

Those are 6 things you can do to kick-start your affiliate earning. Sure, almost all successful affiliates had to struggle for their first affiliate income. But, once they crack the shell, their income is steadily increasing. It is the same with you, if you follow the tips above. You will go from no earning into full-time earning from your affiliate business.

This article has been written by Kelly who is a contributor to wish uk, a site devoted to provide you ideas when it comes to choosing a gift for your loved ones.

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