How to Revive Old Blog Posts

It’s one thing to get traffic to new blog posts, but what about all those gems you wrote long ago that need a little more attention? Here are some ways to get traffic to older posts.

Suggested Links

As you’ll notice here, I use Link Within to show relevant blog posts at the end of a current post. This is done automatically through their WordPress plugin, so I don’t need to do a thing. If someone enjoys a current post, they may like one of the suggested posts at the end, and read both. I like this one because it shows a graphical link, which I think makes it more interesting. There are other plugins like this that use links only. You should use what you like what and what works for your blog.

Tweet Old Posts

There is a Tweet Old Post plugin for this if you’re on WordPress, or you can just choose random posts from the past and tweet them out. Too often, bloggers will tweet once or twice when a post is first published and then never again. The problem with this is that if someone doesn’t catch your tweet the first time, they’ll miss it for good.

Popular Posts

If you have some posts that are continually popular, it might be good to list them somewhere on your blog. You’ll see this here on the right. I use the Popular Posts plugin for this, which automatically tallies the posts people read here the most and puts the links in my sidebar. Again, I like the fact that I don’t need to mess with this once it’s set up, and I also like to see what you all find interesting. It helps me in creating new posts.

SEO Smart Links

Another WordPress plugin, SEO Smart Links, lets me link to affiliates, articles, or old blog posts. I’ve had to play around with this plugin, and occasionally it links to things I don’t want it to, but overall it has been a good way to highlight old posts. If you use this plugin, you might need to tweak it and play with it a bit before you get it to work the way you want. I have this set up on most of my blogs, but the settings are different for each of them.

Round Up Posts

I don’t do these very often myself, but I’ve seen bloggers use them and they seem to work. One that I did here was during National Global Entrepreneurship Week where I talked about Rates and Making Money. I wrote several new posts that week, but when it came to money, I’d already written several that would apply, so I linked to them. I like the idea of a theme like that where you write something new, but then also highlight other information you’ve given before.

Links to Posts Sporadically

A strategy I use there (and really, at most of my blogs) fairly often is one where I just link to posts here and there when I write new posts. There isn’t any exact science to this, of course, and it depends on how good your memory is! But if I think of a post I just did that applies to what I’m talking to, I’ll mention it and give it a link. This is particularly good if someone new is reading your post, and can see what you did in the past.

Link From Other Blogs

Do you have more than one blog? So many of us do. I don’t crosslink very often, but occasionally it works. I do this more often on my personal blog where I talk about all the different things I’m doing. I’ve also linked to my dating blog where I’ve generally talked about love or romance, or my geek blog where I’ve mentioned nerdy-ness or anything related to being a geek. Again, I don’t do it often, but if the occasional presents itself, I’ll use it.

Linking News Items to Old Posts

I’m a news junkie, so on various posts I comment on things going on in the world today. Those are golden opportunities to highlight old posts because if you wrote something related, it’s an easy thing to link to.

Have You Used All the Social Media You Can?

One thing to check with older blog posts is whether or not you’ve used all the social media you can. Not every post is Stumble or Digg-worthy, but if you revisit a post it may have more meaning now than even when you first wrote it. If you haven’t given it the full social-media experience, consider doing it later. It’s a good way to get new attention for it.

Your turn! What do you do to highlight your old blog posts?

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