Health Insurance Options for Freelance Writers

Guest post by Brittaney Madison

If you are a freelance writer, then you know that freelancing comes with its own set of benefits, as well as its own set of responsibilities. It can be difficult to keep these responsibilities in check when you have writing assignments to focus on, but keep in mind that maintaining your responsibilities is necessary to staying afloat as a freelancer.

One such responsibility that you cannot afford to overlook is your health insurance. As a freelancer, you don’t have the luxury of employer-offered group health insurance programs, so finding suitable health insurance coverage might take a little bit of legwork on your part. Don’t know where to begin? Consider these health insurance options for freelance writers:

Independent agents. Of course, you have the option of shopping independent insurance agencies for coverage. Remember that insurance policies are widely variant, as are premiums, so you are going to have to put some serious time and effort into choosing what’s best for you. Additionally, not all insurance agents and companies are created equal. Search locally and online to research all of your options before committing to any independent agent.

Group health. Consider joining a group that offers group health benefits similar to those offered by employers. Such groups include the National Writer’s Union, the Author’s Guild, and Media Bistro’s “AvantGuild” membership, which are all dedicated solely to the writing occupation. Additionally, the National Association for the Self Employed offers free group health insurance quotes to self employed of all types.

Preexisting conditions. This is where getting individual health coverage as a freelance writer can be tricky. If you have a preexisting condition and do not have the option of group health insurance through an employer or spouse, then you have the option of applying for government assistance through “high risk pools.” Check with your state’s social services agency for information regarding these programs.

Government health insurance programs. Depending on what your income is, you may qualify for state or federal health insurance programs. It never hurts to try, and may be your best and cheapest option when it comes to procuring coverage for yourself.

Finding health insurance coverage as a freelance writer is not an impossible feat. As you can see, you have many options, depending on your individual circumstances and preferences. Of course, the process might not be simple or easy, but it is absolutely do-able. Just be sure to do your research; don’t skimp on time or effort when it comes to making such a big decision, because your healthcare is not a subject to be taken lightly – self-employed or not.

Brittaney Madison enjoys writing about insurance, especially now that health insurance is a topic of hot debate. She also enjoys writing about health and wellness, fitness, technology, cell phones, and mp3 ringtone maker programs.

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