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I interview a lot of writers here. (Current count is a couple hundred.) I love talking to writers and finding out about their journey. I still seek out writers to interview, and when I do, I usually have a couple questions in mind, and then some that I create based on information about the writer.

In the last few months I’ve had quite a few people approach me about interviews. So many that I can’t always get back to you in a timely manner with the questions. So I thought I’d save some time and offer you an opportunity to answer (some of) the questions right away. Then, I can get back to you and add more (if the situation calls for it) or just post the interview for you. Again, it’s up to you. Part of the purpose of the Working Writers site is to learn from and promote each other. So whether you want to do a guest post or interview or something else? You decide!

What to Do If You Want to Be Interviewed

If an interview is what you want most, then check out the interview info, answer the required questions, and if you’re so inclined, some (or all) of the optional questions.  I reserve the right to edit and refuse any interviews, so keep that in mind.

Writing Process Interviews

A separate interview and new feature here are interviews that specifically talk about your writing process. This is a good way to help your fellow writers learn more about different ways to write and accomplish your goals. You also have the ability to promote yourself and your work with this interview. Details are here for this type of interview.

Sending In Your Interviews

No matter which interview you choose (and yes, you can choose both of them if you’d like), you’ll need to fill out the questions and then get a hold of me via the contact form where I’ll tell you where to send them. I’ll also need an author photo.

After all that, I edit them, post them, and send you a link.

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