The Many Uses of Social Media

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Social networking sites are popping up all over the place. There are sites for users to create a profile and connect with others. Some sites are used for people to share their interests with each other. A few sites serve the purpose of informing people about news and current trends. The social media and social networking trend has increased exponentially over the years. For some people, social media is essential in their day to day lives.

Expanding Target Audience

Different social media sites serve different purposes for people of all different ages and interests. Originally social networks were primarily used by teens and twenty year olds. Sites like Facebook and MySpace evolved and encouraged people of all ages to join by making it more engaging for everyone. More and more sites came out to target different interest groups. Now there are so many social media websites that it would be near impossible to name them all in one article.


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Business Profiles

Businesses have even been able to prosper from the development of social media. There are many different media vehicles online to promote a business or company website. Businesses are able to get more visibility to prospective customers by targeting different types of people. Facebook is a popular tool for businesses. Company profiles can be created to display product and service information, current deals, updated information. Business pages make it easy for a business to advertise their company and drive traffic towards their site. Twitter is also commonly used because customers will be constantly informed by following their tweets.

Sharing Interests

Other sites like Pinterest allow users to set up a profile and pin their interests. General users will pin items such as crafts or recipes to share with friends and they can also pin products they wish to purchase. Pinterest is also beneficial to businesses because they can pin their products and encourage other users to follow their posts. These pins will either link back to their website or link to a website where customers can purchase these items.

Social Networking Site for Kids

Social Networking sites have become increasing popular for young children. Many of these sites are not necessarily appropriate for kids under 13 because of the type of content that is uploaded and there is also a risk of online predators. There are kids social network sites that have been created specifically for kids under 13 years of age. Kids Social Network is monitored for any inappropriate content. This protects kids from running into foul language, vulgar pictures, and online predators.

Social Media

There are numerous social media website that benefit a variety of users. They are entertaining for users and beneficial for businesses.  Most of these websites are free; however there are a few sites that charge a small fee. Take a look at what some of these sites have to offer and beware because many of these sites are easy to get hooked on.

Kids Social Networking is a Facebook site for kids that has many benefits to offer children younger than thirteen years old.  Kids can connect with friends and share their interests in the safest social networking site on the web.


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