What’s Your Writing Process: Chris Redding

One thing I’ve learned from these writing process interviews is that while each of you might follow a certain process, they are all still a little different. Following that same note, Chris Redding shares her writing process with us today.

Like many authors, the writing bug bit her early. She knew she wanted to become a writer when she got an A on a story she wrote while in the fifth grade. She writes on her website that “writing romance fiction books didn’t enter the picture until later in her life. She didn’t read many romance books growing up, but after college, discovered the genre fictions of mystery and romance. Her favorite authors are Suzanne Brockmann and Lisa Gardner, both of whom she has had the pleasure of meeting.”

I agree that it’s very cool when you get to meet a favorite writer of yours. Enjoy this interview and in learning more about Chris.

Do you tend to write nonfiction or fiction?

I write fiction. I have a degree in journalism so I’ve written a little bit of non-fiction, but it is more fun to make things up. That’s frowned upon at a newspaper.

How long does it take you to finish a book?

If I’m really dedicated about 3 months. If I’m not so dedicated about 6 months. But that’s the rough draft only. I revise for a few months also.

What’s your usual approach? Seat of your pants? Outline?

I am a pantser through and through. If I outline I now don’t want to write the book. That said. I may outline the novella I’m working on because I don’t want to get off course.

How many rough drafts do you usually go through before you’re satisfied with the final version?

Usually 3. The first one is the roughest of course. The characters are naked in no man’s land. The second one is when I add more details. The third is for suggestions from my critique group.

Do you have someone you give your manuscript to for feedback before you give it to an editor or agent?

I have a fabulous critique group who reads my stuff.

What’s your latest project?

I’m working on a novella about a nerd and the cool girl.

Where can we catch up with you online?



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