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Do you have ads on your site? Where do you find sponsors? One option is to use private sponsors, as opposed to one of the popular affiliate sources. I’ve done this in the past and it’s worked out okay.

Advantages of Dealing with a Private Sponsor

A private affiliate agreement works well for both parties. The sponsor gets to advertise to a specific readership group, and the blogger gets income from a complimentary source. Bloggers like private sponsors because they make money from them and also provide their readers with helpful links and information.

The biggest advantage in this type of arrangement is income potential. Bloggers who sign up with generic affiliates get a fraction of what they can obtain with a private agreement. If a blog is popular enough and has the right readership, it can attract the attention of sponsors willing to pay top dollar.

Disadvantages of Having a Private Sponsor

One disadvantage of a deal like this is the potential for negative feedback as a result of the agreement. If readers don’t like the product or company that is advertised, they may take it out on the blogger and even move on to a different site. That’s why it’s important to choose a sponsor carefully.

To a small extent, I had this issue years ago on this blog. I had a private sponsor who was interested in hiring writers. They advertised here. I had worked with them in the past, and did okay with them. But they changed their terms, and writers were not happy. In the end, we ended our agreement and I went back to just using Adsense and Amazon here.

Finding Sponsors For Your Blog

Sometimes sponsors will approach you and ask to advertise. I get that a lot on my dating blog, for instance, but I’ve yet to take anyone up on it because the people that have approached me don’t match my overall brand.


How to (Really) Make Money Blogging


by Cherie Burbach



What usually happens, though, is that you’re going to be the one that seeks out a sponsor. To find appropriate sponsors, you need to have an understanding of your readers and what types of products or services they would like to buy.

One way to find sponsors is to look at similar blogs to see which types of ads they have on their sites. A company that advertises on one blog may be open to providing sponsorship to a similar site. Another way is to search on keywords that represent your blog, and see which sites come up. Still another way is to ask your readers. Sometimes they know of sites that they like, and these might be a source of income for you.

Before you ask a company to sponsor your blog, it’s important to understand what your readership is. You can do this by surveying your readers, paying close attention to the most popular posts on your blog, and determining how many unique visitors your blog gets. When you have this information, you can send an inquiry to appropriate people asking for sponsorship. Keep it simple when you make contact by saying that you have X blog, with X daily readers and X number of subscribers, and you often talk about X number of subjects. Outline why they might benefit from advertising on your site.

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