Are You a Workaholic? Relax Online in Just a Few Minutes

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I have to admit I am a workaholic.  As I run my own business my time is literally money and I do feel like I never really get away from work.  There is always something I could be doing and this really does press on my nerves making it difficult to relax.

Get Away from it All

However I have begun to appreciate how important relaxation is.  I never take holidays but a few months ago I won a weekend break through the local radio station.

    • I was reluctant to go at first as it was a particularly busy time of year.
    • A free break doesn’t come around very often though so my husband and I set off. Being a workaholic I of course packed my laptop!
    • However when we arrived the hotel’s Wi Fi wasn’t working.  I was incredibly annoyed at first and was forced to put my laptop away and concentrate on the holiday.
    • Three days later I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt.  It was like a weight had been lifted.
    • As it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t work I didn’t feel guilty and unsettled that I hadn’t done any work for a few days.
    • In fact by the second day I was so busy enjoying myself I didn’t even think about work once!
  • The main benefit of the break was realized later on though.
  • When we came back I had a lot of catching up to do but I did feel so much more relaxed in general.
  • I was able to cope with the additional workload positively and quickly got things back together.
  • I couldn’t remember that last time I had really enjoyed the challenges of work.
  • I did realize that three complete days off from work had done me the power of good.

Although another break wasn’t possible for a while I did realize that I could keep this positive attitude going if I took time out to relax during the day and at weekends.  I now make time to get away from work and unwind and this has made all the difference to both my mental attitude and also my productivity.

Relaxing Online

I found some great ways to relax just by looking on the Internet.   Some of these have worked very well for me and I would like to share them with workaholics everywhere in case you might find them helpful too:

  1. Nature Sounds – I was a bit skeptical at first but I was amazed at how relaxed you can feel just by listening to some nature sounds for a few minutes.  I put my headphones on and just close my eyes whilst I listen to thunderstorm tracks online.
  2. Reading – I didn’t realize you can read books online.  Classic novels and short stories are available free though from a number of great websites including  I read a chapter or two of my current online book whilst I am having my lunch instead of trying to keep working whilst I eat.  This is a much more relaxing way to spend my lunch time and I have discovered some great new books I would never have thought of reading before.
  3. Relaxation Exercises – I have noticed when I am working hard I tend not to breathe properly.  I take shallow breaths and hunch over my keyboard.  I have found some great relaxation and posture exercises online that do help to ease tired muscles and refresh the body.  I just follow a few simple deep breathing exercises and stretches online. They are easy to do and take no time at all but they have a beneficial effect on my mental and physical health.

There are some wonderful ways you can relax online in just a few minutes.  Workaholics should consider signing up for a poker account from Poker for some fun ways to unwind.

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