Social Networking Sites for Booklovers

The great thing about social networking is sharing a passion and finding other like-minded individuals. Lucky for book lovers (and authors), there are many sites especially designed to share the love of books. With the following sites, book lovers can discuss what they are reading now, favorite books, and even those they really couldn’t get into.

Best of all, they can get recommendations on what to read next. Here are some social networking sites especially for book lovers.


Shelfari allows book lovers to create a virtual bookshelf that helps log how much someone has read. Shelfari has a blog that talks about popular books, author interviews, and other popular book-related news items. There is a widget for book lovers to show what they are reading on their own blog or website.


Goodreads has a variety of options for book lovers. People can look up favorite book quotes, gather friends together to form a book club, and answer trivia questions related to the written word.

Library Thing

Library Thing lets users list books they have read and enjoyed like the other sites, but they also offer up books for review. Some local author events are listed as well. It is a good source for authors and readers to interact.


aNobii is a based in Hong Kong, and encourages readers to strike up online conversations with others on the site. According to their website, the name comes from the “first few syllables of Anobium Punctatum, which is the proper name for bookworms.” Users can get help navigating the site with a “most popular” list that shows what others are discussing, as well as books that are “most buzzed.”

Like the other sites listed, aNobii allows users to rate and review books as well as find other sites that sell works by their favorite authors.

Book lovers today have plenty of options on how to chat and interact with other people who share their love of the written word. Not only that, but many authors also frequent the aforementioned sites, which provides opportunity to interact with the person behind the writing. Finding great things to read has never been so easy.

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