The Tale of Two Projects

Guest post by Sherri Rabinowitz

Recently I started two big projects at the same time. I have been doing my e-magazine for almost a year so I really didn’t think it would be a big deal to do that at the same time I was working on creating my brand new website.

As I began working on the website, I fell in love with look and colors of it and I felt my e-magazine was not as pretty or as inviting. So brilliant one that I am, I decided to restructure my whole e-magazine. I mean the style, the color scheme, even some of the content. So really I was creating two sites at the same time.

I was very excited by both sites. I have wanted to create a place like this for a long time, something where fans and friends could see everything I wrote and all the exciting things that are happening to me. Someplace that will grow and change, where I could introduce new stories or eventually sell projects on.

It took me some time to find the right site and the right look and how I wanted it to work. I am actually pretty proud of it because I did all myself. One of my good friends who is an IT specialist checked it out after I finished to make sure it looked good and worked right but I did all the input and design. I am very proud of the new site.Here is the link if you would like to check it out: .

At the same time, I decided that since my e-magazine is a jewelry site I wanted to make it a more feminine and touchable site. A place that you not only enjoy reading about Collectors, Jewel Designers, and Do It Yourselfers work but want to touch it, or to own the beautiful pieces or become a collector. Or even better, maybe be inspired to make jewels yourself. It is a pet project with me and I am very proud of this site as well. In case you love to be inspired or to see pure beauty here is the site:

How did I do both? I focused on one at a time. That is sort of obvious but I have tried to jump from thing to thing and I realized that causes chaos. And since chaos is not very productive I restricted myself to one project on each day. It was the only way it worked for me. I scheduled what I was working on exactly like I would schedule my meetings, personal life and workouts. Sounds silly, but it was the only way I could put my full focus on things. I am really proud of the outcome. I would like to thank the person who invented the agenda, wouldn’t you?

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