Are You Ignoring Your Internet Marketing Plan?

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Making money online is not an easy task. Yes, some try to make it sound easy, and they will even tell you that becoming rich within just a few weeks is possible. This is highly rare and requires a specific amount of luck. Most won’t become rich overnight, but you can still make an extra income or even a full-time income online if you desire.

The first thing you must do if you want to make money online is put together an internet marketing plan. Maybe you already did this and you followed your plan for a few weeks or even a few months and didn’t see the results you wanted. Are you still working with your plan or did you abandon it because your business didn’t grow as fast as you thought it should?

What Happens when You Abandon your Plan?

Beginners tend to give up on their marketing plan much faster than others do. They find something new that sounds great, buy into it and the next thing you know, they are sitting in classroom chairs studying some new strategy for internet marketing. Most of the time, they do this before giving their original plan a chance.

Some refer to this as program jumping or hopping from one program to another, and it can become very dangerous. If you cannot commit yourself to a regular plan for at least a few months, then internet marketing will become very difficult for you. This usually starts because beginners don’t treat their internet business like an actual business.

Businesses on and offline need a plan. They need a plan for their finances, a marketing plan and a growth plan. If you want to make money online from a website, blog or a network of both, then you at least need a marketing plan. This should detail all the tasks for a regular week and break everything down into one day at a time.

What happens if you start with a plan, then you give up on it? Well, common sense tells us that your business will stop producing profits of any type. A great example of this happens in article marketing all the time. Beginners find out they can write and submit articles to drive traffic to their websites, but after a handful of articles, they give up because they didn’t make $10,000 last week.

Internet marketing takes longer than a few weeks or even a few months. You must dedicate yourself to a marketing plan for many months or even a few years before you see significant results. Most businesses need at least six months to really see if their marketing works well or not. You may need to test a few strategies and make a few small changes over time, but you don’t want to give up completely on your plan.

This post made possible by guest blogger Mary, a writer with varied interests, from how to choose the right classroom chairs to how to market them online.

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