The New Property Portal That Is YouTube

Guest post by Brandon Barnes

The Internet has brought about many changes in the last two decades. With the advent of instantaneous and worldwide communication, the average user is now presented with more opportunities than ever before. One particular example to take note of is how much easier buying property can be. One may indeed be surprised to learn that while traditional search engines, estate agencies and printed adverts still prove themselves to be useful, more and more potential buyers have been turning to YouTube as an effective alternative to traditional purchasing methods.

Google claims that YouTube averages approximately 490 million users every month. From a global perspective, that is roughly 1 out of every 3 people who access the internet. More to the point, a search for real estate properties on YouTube will register about 39,200 results. It is indeed easy to observe why we have witnessed such a shift in recent years to using the popularity of YouTube to both the buyer’s and the seller’s advantage.

Seeing is believing

A major benefit which YouTube offers is that of visual data. If one were to perform a search, for instance, on a house or plot of land in a certain area, he would be presented with a wealth of information that due to their very nature, magazines and newspapers cannot provide. By exploiting modern technology, a potential buyer is now presented with virtual panoramic views of the interior of a house, or for those interested in property they may be privy to a top-down view from satellite resources, zooming in over the entire area with an unsurpassed resolution. The main point here is simple; by having access to these visual aides, potential buyers can acquire a much better idea whether the house or property fits what they are looking for. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, however when referring to an investment in property, much more than a picture is necessary.

Convenience and Communication

Not only does the buyer get a clearer idea of what the property has to offer from a visual sense, but by using YouTube he saves both time and aggravation. Most videos showing a property give direct links to the website to contact. A purchaser can spend less time blindly searching and muddling through newspaper classifieds or randomly scouring the internet and instead, if he sees something he likes both inside and out, he can contact the agent directly via the link provided. Furthermore, he may encounter valuable feedback in the comments section not only about the property, but possibly in regards to the seller or company itself.

Ultimately, the traditional methods for property hunting will likely always remain. However, by incorporating YouTube into the search, much of the previous hassles can be alleviated. By having direct access and real-time information regarding a potential purchase, more power is placed back into the buyer’s hands. As with any purchase, knowledge is power and YouTube has the potential to aid greatly with both.

This article has been created by Brandon Barnes in association with London based buying agency Rhodium. For more information on luxury houses and flats for rent and sale in London please visit the website

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