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Doing SEO after the Penguin update is extremely difficult. This update has caused people to lose a lot of money online because of the fact that their sites were pushed off of the first pages of Google. Let’s face it, when Google makes a brand new update, there are tons of changes that can happen to anybody’s site. And that Google slap that takes place is always tough to undergo if you don’t have a plan. Whether your site was kicked off of Google or you have yet to do any SEO, these tips are surely going to help you get your site on top of many keywords of your choosing.

Tips on doing SEO after Penguin update

Avoid junk links and keep more good links

Junk backlinks are simply the links that you use to leave on other websites that aren’t relevant to your official website. A case study was done by an internet marketer who had a wonderful website that was ranking for a nice “acne” related keyword. He had Most more than 2,000 links, but only a small percentage of them were useful. After this update was implemented, it still stayed up. Why? The reason being that he still had one good backlink from his main Facebook page that is also ranking high. He also had around 65 very powerful backlinks from powerful article directories. What Google wants to point out now is how useful just a few good links are rather than having thousands of useless links.

Social Influence

Do you know how powerful the social networking sites are? There’s Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, and plenty of others. What you need to know is that all of them are powerful websites that have extremely high PageRanks. This makes it very convenient for most people who simply want to gain more quality backlinks. Just a simple link on each page could instantly boost up your site in the search engines once they are indexed.

Monitor your analytics

People tend to forget about the power behind monitoring their sites. You need to make sure that you look at your backlinks on a consistent basis to see which ones are indexed, where your visitors are coming from, along with what you are missing out on. Whatever happens to get you more visitors or makes good backlinks, get into those methods a bit more to earn more from them.

Quality Posts

Article marketing can tend to be a difficult route for many of you, but it is best way to gain quality backlinks once they get indexed. Each article is coming in from a quality article directory can be very helpful even if they don’t reach the first page of Google. Just 60 backlinks can already get your site ranking. After hiring a few people, you are definitely going to have a lot of traffic.

The tips above are definitely going to help get your SEO campaign going by more successfully when you consider doing each tip. No algorythm made by Google has ever been perfect, and it is all about leveraging your backlinks to see what you should do in order to attain results. After a few weeks of doing everything above, you will find yourself get plenty of great traffic and high search engine ranking.

Tom is an experienced SEO specailist and has been writing for Make a Website for a long time. His experience makes him one great marketer who knows what he’s talking about.



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