SEO Isn’t Your Whole Life

As far as I am concerned a career in SEO offers a fantastic way of making a living while doing something which is interesting at the same time. It certainly beats the dull jobs which I have done in the past filling in forms, typing out orders and answering the blooming phone that keeps on ringing, ringing and ringing all day long. Why can’t anyone please make it stop ring, ring, ring before I go completely insane? Sorry, where was I?

In fact, the only problem I can think of is that it is easy to end up living and breathing SEO after a while. This is an issue which I imagine affects most of us at one time or another, so it is worth looking at some creative ways of avoiding it as much as possible.

Define the Working Day

One of the great things about working from home is the lack of fixed hours, but in a strange twist of fate this can also be one of the worst things as well. It is far too easy to let the whole week pass you by without doing much more than working, eating and sleeping. A good idea is to set aside a couple of hours each day to go out and do something different. My idea of a treat is to have a leisurely picnic out in the countryside but I am sure that everyone else has different ideas about how to break up their working day in an interesting way. I find that I work far more efficiently if I don’t sit in front of the PC all day long anyway and I also avoid a rollicking from the wife if I do other things now and then.

Find a System

In the morning I do the jobs which need a bit of creativity and energy, while in the evenings I concentrate on those which are less demanding in this respect. This works for me as I also have a little girl to look after, so I usually end up pretty tired in the evenings and don’t really have the energy to come up a lot of creative ideas. The 9 to 5 approach to working isn’t right for everyone and that is why working from home is so exciting; you can choose the system which suits you. I know a guy who works all night and sleeps most of day and seems to really enjoy living like this. My skin is pasty enough without becoming a complete stranger to the sun, so I think I will leave night time just for sleeping.

Find a Hobby

Can you work in SEO and have a hobby as well? I reckon so, as long as it doesn’t involve your computer. I have started doing a bit of DIY lately. While my house isn’t looking that much better despite all of my efforts I feel a lot better for it. I reckon that a hobby which gets you outdoors or at least using your hands instead of your head is a fine idea. Rather strangely, I find that when I switch off and forget about my work is when I start to find some great ideas flooding into my head. Sitting in front of the computer and trying to force out something just doesn’t seem to work as well as lifting up a screwdriver and haphazardly putting up some shelves. The good thing as my DIY hobby is that it is probably never ending, as I keep having to go back and fix the things I did wrong. My wife reckons that the spare room has already lost about 3 inches in width because of the number of coats of paint I have stuck on the walls.

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