Six Tips For Posting Content That Promotes Itself

Guest post by Tom Koh

Let’s face it, building backlinks is pretty tiresome. Social media marketing is also not far behind in terms of boredom levels. Most people get into blogging because they like writing and they want to share their apparently unique thoughts with the world. Most bloggers have little to no interest in actually directing people towards their thoughts. Whatever happened to “if you build it, they will come”?

One solution that many bloggers utilize, and with great success, is encouraging their readers to both build backlinks and share their posts on social networks. After all, the only thing better than a strong social media presence is a strong social media presence that you didn’t build yourself. Should you be interested in outsourcing your post promotion to your readers, here are six tips for doing just that.

Make Social Sharing Easy

Backlinks are obviously an excellent thing to aim for but most web users find that social sharing buttons make recommending content to their friends significantly easier. Therefore before focusing on creating content that people want to share, make sure that you have incorporated functionality for them to do so with ease. Every single one of your blogs posts should have attention grabbing social sharing buttons within easy reach.


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Go Big

Short, concise posts are always popular but when you want people to actually share what you write, the more information you pack into a single post the better. Top tens are so last year, it’s top fifty posts that get shared in significant numbers. Web users like convenience and a single post that covers a particular topic in its entirety is the very definition of convenience.

Be Opinionated

It mightn’t be a particularly classy move but there’s something about controversy that makes people build backlinks for you. If you’ve got an opinion on something, you should post it. The internet is full of blogs with informative content but many bloggers shy away from offering up their own opinions. Facts are useful but it’s opinions, that lead to the most interesting content and hence the content that is most shared.

Look the Part

When somebody builds a link to one of your posts or shares it with some of their Facebook friends, they are essentially telling people that they like what they see. Nobody wants to tell people that they like something that looks like a child wrote it. In other words, how your posts look matters. Professional formatting is essential, big blocks of text don’t attract backlinks. Subheadings, bullet points and short paragraphs are all essential. And don’t forget to add a few well chosen photos.

Be The First to Say Something

When people read about something for the first time, they are often eager to share their new found knowledge with their friends. But when people read about something for the second or third time, it’s old news and therefore rarely worth sharing. If you can offer your readers the latest developments in your niche before anyone else, you are going to attract a bucket load of natural backlinks. You’re also likely to attract a lot of repeat visitors in the process.

Give Something Away for Free

Finally, web users like free things. They also like to share free things. If you can come up with something that you can give away for free, you can expect to receive plenty of backlinks in return. You don’t need to give away anything particularly valuable, just a simple item that could conceivably cost money will usually suffice. Even a five page e book, provided it’s both useful and free, will attract its fair share of backlinks.

Tom Koh is a blogger and internet marketer with many internet success stories to his credit. He believes a great blog post is like a sales landing page and should be promoting and selling itself.


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