Yes, You… Why Not Check Out This Book?

I’m very excited about the release of my fifth poetry book, Yes, You.

Yes, you are worthy! That’s the message that comes through in this one.

In 2003, when I started this whole “I’ll release a book of poetry” idea I used the poems that I had written in the years immediately following my dad’s death. I didn’t keep any of the ones I wrote before, so I have to tell you, it was weird to read through the poems in Yes, You and see the growth in my writing and my life. I never allowed myself to do that before. It’s so odd to read through a book like The Difference Now and see where my life was then.

But I’m glad I did release them. I’m glad I told the world where I was so long ago back then, because for those that are still in that dark place, they can know that there is hope. My life is so different now, and has been for many, many years. My growth started even before my dad died, but after his death I had an outpouring of emotion. All the pain and heartache that I felt as a little girl came out in poetry. And that’s the point. It came out and allowed me to leave it behind so I could move on.

And move on I did.


Yes, You has three main components. It starts with my encouragement for other girls in the world who might have felt the same things I did as a kid. Perhaps they too are growing up with an alcoholic parent. Perhaps they are dealing with some kind of abuse or neglect. I feel their pain. I will never forget what it felt like, and I think that is a gift. When I see a girl who struggles, I can recognize the pain in her eyes and I want to look her in the eye and know that she is understood and valued for who she is.

The second part of Yes, You is about faith. God called to me as a very young girl. I actually begged my mom to sign me up for Sunday School, despite that my family didn’t go to church. That was God, tugging away at me to learn more about Him. He pulled me up and out of my pain, and set me on a new path. I’m not saying it was easy. I’m not saying that it didn’t take me a time or two (or three!) to learn the lessons, but I did because of Him.

I think it’s also important when we’re talking about moving on from something like an abusive childhood that you know that there will be pain in your life that comes after. I wish I could say you move on and never feel pain again. You do. It’s different, and certainly comes in different forms, but it’s there. Sometimes it arrives in the form of a family member who doesn’t like the fact that you’ve spoken out. Sometimes it’s a new person in your life, who feels like they can bully you by throwing your past in your face. Sometimes it’s yourself, when you slip up and forget that you are worthy.

When these moments hit, there is pain involved. Oh for life to be pain free! But that’s what eternity is for. In this world, there will be pain.

You can deal with it, though, and that’s what the third section of Yes, You is all about. You can deal with the pain and more than that, you will still live with joy in your heart despite the negativity you might have to deal with. Does that blow your mind? It certainty did for me the first few times I realized my own power in navigating negativity and nastiness.

It’s so disappointing when there is someone with an agenda, someone who makes up their mind to hate you and therefore never gets to know you, someone who chooses to be jealous of you instead of celebrating your victories in lifeā€¦ but despite these hurtful things, you can have a life that is full of joy. You can have the life of your dreams. It’s possible. It’s hard work, like anything worthwhile, but it’s within your grasp.

That’s the message of Yes, You.

If you’d like to buy the book for yourself or someone you think would enjoy it, here’s the info. I send out my gratefulness to you!

Paperback: $8.95, available at and Barnes and Noble.

Ebook: $6.95, available for Kindle from and for Nook at Barnes and Noble.

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