What Can You Do To Keep Visitors On Your Site?

Guest post by Craig Klein

Not every single visitor who comes to your site is going to stick around for an extended period of time. Even if you have the highest quality content possible, a certain percentage of visitors are going to come to your site, decide it’s actually not what they were looking for and leave. However, just because it’s inevitable for some visitors to feel that way doesn’t mean it has to apply to a huge percentage of your overall visitors. Since getting visitors to spend more time on your site will increase the odds of them signing up for your list and eventually becoming a customer, let’s look at ways you can make that happen:

Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Visitors What to Do

One reason that visitors can leave a site is if they don’t know what to do. The good news is you can solve this problem by telling them what they should do next. For example, if they finish reading a post, you can suggest they either read a related post or sign up for your list so they can receive similar posts in the future. 

Mobile Matters

If you drill down into your analytics data and look at how many visitors are coming to your site on a mobile device,

you’ll probably be surprised by just how many there are. Because all signs point towards mobile only continuing to grow, you need to ensure your site works well on the most popular devices. It’s worth noting that you don’t necessarily need a mobile version of your site. You may just need to make a few tweaks for mobile. But if you do find that a mobile version works best, it’s a good idea to give visitors the option to switch to the regular version of your site on their mobile device.

Don’t Make Users Think

You want visitors who come to your site to be able to find exactly what they want without feeling stressed or frustrated. One way to accomplish this is to have clear navigation that is consistent on every page. Another is to have a visible search box. Providing both options will allow visitors to use the option that they personally prefer.

Speed Up Your Site

Although this may seem obvious, plenty of people forget about its importance. The bottom line is if takes too long for your site to load, people are going to leave. Keep in mind that while platforms like WordPress are great, the downside is their default behavior can be slow. The good news is there are plenty of plugins that make it quite easy to speed things up.

Use Lightboxes with Caution

Plenty of bloggers have written about how pop-up lightboxes have allowed them to increase their sign-up rate. While this tactic can work, you need to test and ensure that it doesn’t create a bad experience for your visitors. Also, if you do end up going down this route, make sure that the lightbox is only shown to visitors once and not every time they go to a new page.

Craig Klein is CEO of www.SalesNexus.com, which is an online CRM and email marketing company headquartered in Houston Texas. Circle Craig on Google+ to learn more.

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