Top 5 Reasons People Blog

Guest post by Jillian Johnson

Anyone can blog, thanks to free online platforms such as WordPress and Blogspot – all you need is a computer and Internet connection. People blog for all different reasons but almost everyone has an ultimate goal of creating a rewarding blogging experience. Blogging can be a relaxing thing to do in your free time or you could even do it as a career if you become successful enough. So why do people start blogging? Most bloggers out blog to simply relax and have fun while some professionals blog to promote business, such as the Barry LaBov blog, and direct traffic to their site using social media. Some professionals blog to teach and help, some blog stay connected with friends and family, and in some situations, to make money.

1. To Teach and Help Others

Experts in a variety of fields enjoy teaching and spreading the word about things that they are passionate about. An “expert” can be someone who loves DIY crafts and blogs about their endeavors to help others learn how to do the crafts they do. Another way to use blogging as an outlet to help others is to provide support and share your story with others going through similar circumstances, such as an illness.

2. To Relax and Have Fun

Blogging can be a therapeutic way to simply write about your feelings or your day. Whether you keep it to yourself or share with the public, blogging can be something fun to look forward to doing everyday.

3. To Promote Business

Many business owners blog in order to get the word out about their business and to get people interested in their brand and what they do. By using social media and blogging on a regular basis, like the Barry LaBov blog, you can entice new readers and keep regular readers coming back on a daily basis to see what’s new.

4. To Make Money

It can be difficult to make enough money with a blog to live on comfortably, but it’s definitely possible if your blog is successful enough. You can do this by getting sponsors and blogging about their services or products or even adding a few ads with Google AdSense.

5. To Stay Connected

Blogging is great way to stay connected to those who might be far away from you with regular updates, photos, etc. An ideal example is a student who’s studying abroad and wants to share their experiences and keep in touch with family members and friends. It’s also a great option for friends who live far from each other or don’t get to talk as often as they’d like, to read about each other’s updates on life.

Blogging has become a very powerful tool, benefiting everyday individuals and businesses alike.

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Jillian Johnson is a professional content marketing writer and blogger who blogs on a variety of topics. To read more writing by Jillian, follow her @MissWritey.

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